How to Wear: Barking Rough Out

Barking Rough Out Style Guide

Our premier Rough Lands boot in Barking Rough Out is a special style made with unique leather sourced from England (what’s up brothers?). The gruff appearance of rough-out leather was carefully picked from renown tannery C.F. Stead & Co, so that we’d have just a slightly spiffier style compared to our other three colorways. Barking Rough Out also costs a wee bit more than the other colors, due to the rare nature of the leather.

For that reason, the best pairings for this boot are dressier choices: chinos instead of jeans, button-ups underneath sweaters instead of fail safe t-shirts. That’s not to say these aren’t supposed to be worn with jeans – they can really be worn with whatever your heart desires. We just happen to favor a more polished kind of look with these boots.

Rough-out leather places smooth side facing inward, exposing the rougher, full-grain side and boosting a shoe’s resistance to the elements. Because of it’s gruff appearance, this type of leather is often easily mistaken for suede.

Today, we’ve paired these fancier-pants boot with classic, everyday men’s chinos cuffed carefully at the bottom.  It works best for dressier daytime events that require a dress code just a step above the average jeans. Pair with a dark brown belt, and layer a collared button-up underneath a clean sweater.

This boot was featured on the feet of four members of The Huffington Post team. Each staff member styled the shoes a completely different way, showing just how versatile these babies are.  See it here.

Purchase a pair for yourself for $225 here.