Meet The Parents In This

Ahh, meeting the rents. It’s kind of a big deal. The parents of your significant other need to know that you’re right for their daughter, but they also need to know that you’re also a bit of a Rico Suave with great style.

While we can’t speak to whether or not you’re a  good fit for your significant other, we can tell you one thing: This guide of how  to dress when meeting the parents will help you achieve the latter. Here’s how to dress with a confident ease, featuring another awesome direct-to-consumer brand.


Slim Jeans in dark indigo raw denim., $65.
A good pair of fitting jeans is a closet must. Dark wash jeans are dressier than light wash so count on wearing these for many occasions to come. These happen to be from an awesome direct-to-consumer denim company, DSTLD.

zara blazer

Stretch two-tone jacket., $119.
Another item in line with wardrobe musts: a blazer you can wear with jeans. It’s not too crisp, it’s not too polished, yet it still elevates your button down and jeans to a better place.

uniqlo shirt

Premium linen long sleeve shirt., $34.90.
A linen shirt is relaxed, and balances out the casual classiness of the rest of your outfit. This shirt also works great underneath sweaters, come wintertime.


Brooklyn Boot Company “Outlaw” desert boot., $230.
Well, obviously. A burnt tan desert boot is a polished companion to dark wash jeans. The great thing about this boot is it’s got super transitional powers; it works just as well in the summer as it does in the winter.