Belmont Stakes Style

belmont hat

Eight horses will take to the tracks this Saturday, June 6th; seven of them, racing to stop American Pharoah from securing a Triple Crown. If they fail however, American Pharoah will be the 12th Triple Crown winner in history, and the first to do so since 1978.

That’s all fine and dandy. But you have better things to worry about than a horse running around a dirt circle. You have to worry about how good you’re going to look when you watch it all go down.

At the race grounds jackets, suits, sport coats and ties are among the required dress for men. Shorts and tank tops are among the no-no’s. The easiest way to comply with the dress code is to hit up the suit shop at JackThreads.

outfit 1
SHOP:  Paisley & Gray Slim Selvedge Picstitch Blazer, $95.50 | Paisley & Gray Slim Shirt, $39.50 | Paisley & Gray Slim Linen Picstitch Pant, $49.50

Even if you’re not cool enough go to to the Stakes (maybe cool is the wrong choice of word) it’s perfectly acceptable to still look the part. We picked out a cool gray linen suit perfect if you plan on being in the sun. If you have any summer weddings to hit up this season this suit also will be an immaculate choice.

outfit 2
HOP: EDGE by WD.NY Slim Floral Trim Blazer, $95.50 | Paisley & Gray Slim Twill Pant, $45.50 | Skinny  Tie Madness Apple Striples Tie, $12.99.

We put together a second option for the more eccentric personalities. A mix-and-matchy colored sport coat mixed with fresh white pants. We generally don’t encourage popped collars but the collar on this blazer is printed with an exotic floral print, making it something of an exception.

Whatever you choose to do, you can dress confidently knowing that our Belmont Derby in Midnight or Daybreak suede will carry you in style.

belmont tan
SHOP:, $155.