Summer Grilling Guide

Guys, it’s finally your time to shine. This season shouldn’t be called summer, it should be called The Season Of The Grill.

That’s right. The grill is your happy place; where you get all in the zone zen and cook up your favorite summer treats. Start here with some grilling tips, and awesome recipes that will convince your friends you’re the a top chef.


1. Full tank + clean grill = good times.
It’s important to check on these things BEFORE you’re seconds away from firing up the grill.  Nothing worse than running out of propane only to be left with half cooked chicken and a side of sadness at what could have been. Also make sure the drip trays are clean from any left over fat drippings from previous grill sessions as they can cause flare ups which will burn your delicious protein to a crisp.

2. When in doubt, marinade over night.
Cookouts aren’t usually a spur of the moment thing as they require the right foods, the right weather, and a solid list of attendees. The best way to ensure the meats (and veggies) are properly tasty is marinading them over night. Before you go to bed, prepare the marinade and meat in a ziploc bag and toss it in the fridge.

Check out the McCormick seasoning/spice mix at the grocery store for an extra bit of pizzazz.

3. How to Stuff a Burger
Whether it’s cheddar and bacon, pepper jack and jalapeno, or whatever the heck else your little heart feels like using – stuffed burgers are always an instant crowd pleaser.

Make two small patties and put your stuffing on top of one of them. Then, put the other patty on top and meld the two together. Before flipping your burger, give it a quarter turn so that the grate marks intersect. This move locks in the juices.

If you need a little help with proper stuffing techniques, check out this burger stuffer from Cuisinart.

burger stufferj

3-in-1 Stuffed Burger Press, $9.02.

4. Crowd Pleasing Mexican Grilled Corn (serves  8)
This is seriously a must.  You may not be into corn on the cob, but you’ll definitely be into Mexican Grilled Corn. Easy to do, and you can eye ball the amounts of the ingredients. Here’s our favorite recipe:


Photo via Damn Delicious.

-1 Lime
-1/2 cup mayonnaise
-1/4 cup butter
-1/2 cup grated Cotija cheese
-Fresh cilantro (unless it tastes like handsoap, stinkbugs and/or grass to you, in which case, disregard)
-1 tablespoon ground ancho chili pepper (for mild spice – if you prefer spicy, use chipotle or cayenne pepper)

1. Grill corn (still in husk) for 15-20 minutes.
2. Mix up ingredients in a bowl, minus the lime and cilantro. That will get added to finished product.
3. Remove husk (when cool) and apply the mixture of pepper, cheese, mayo and butter with a brush.
4. Squeeze over fresh lime juice, and garnish with cilantro.

5. Clean It Up
When you’re done grilling for the day, clean those grates.  A clean grill lasts longer and makes better tasting food. Clean the grill with a good brush while it’s still hot. This way you won’t have to worry about pesky build up.

This brush pushes out steam to aid in the cleaning process:


Grill Daddy Pro Grill Cleaning Brush, $24.32.