Baby, You’re a Firework: 4th of July Style


Fourth of July weekend is upon us. If you’re lucky enough, this means you’re in store for a 3-day, 4-day, or even 5-day weekend. How do you prepare for such an extended time for shenanigans, you ask? By dressing right, for starters.

Whether you’re preparing to turn up for an afternoon BBQ or just delight in some nighttime fireworks, here is our 4th of July style guide!

Afternoon BBQ

This is one of those gatherings where you arrive at 2:00PM, but stick around long enough and you’re in for some late night snacking while things start to get weird. Day parties tend to be more lax than the ones that start after dinner, so your outfit should have a chill, I didn’t mean to look this good it just happened, vibe.

For this affair, we picked out an easy tee, swim shorts for when you’re ready to take your party into the pool, and classy shoes (that we strongly recommend you remove before you submerge.) Lightweight swim trunks and a breezy white tee are all you need to complete your daytime look.

belmont tan
Brooklyn Boot Belmont in Daybreak, $155.

white henley
THE SHIRT Feathers Linen Henley,, $30.

men swim active shorts
THE SHORTS Men Swim Active Shorts, $19.90.

Town or VIP Fireworks Gathering

The sun has finally set – which means your town or city just may get it together in time to launch this year’s fireworks. Or maybe you are well-to-do and you’re invited to a gathering that boasts a private firework presentation. Regardless, this is when the party really begins. It is the one act that sets the celebratory tone of the day and reminds us what Independence day is all about.

Dress in a way that says you properly respect the magic of fireworks, but allows you to be comfortable enough to sit Indian style on the grass as you gaze up in awe. We picked a long sleeve button down shirt in hopes that it would keep pesky mosquitoes away, and a pair of dress-casual khaki shorts that are perfect for all occasions.

Brooklyn Boot Company Belmont in Midnight, $155.

woolf lefferts
Woolf Lefferts Shirt, $45.50.

dry shorts
THE SHORTS Men’s Dry Stretch Shorts, $19.90.

Other Activities

Random get-togethers will surely creep up this weekend. The best way to prepare? Have a killer playlist handy, stock your cooler with some fan faves, and check out our Grill Guide if for some unfortunate reason the party hosting responsibility falls on you.

For some Fourth of July listening, please click here.

Happy Independence Day to all!