Summer Sippin’: Beer Guide

Whether you’re tailgating before a game, heading to the beach, the lake or the pool – ’tis the season for packing the cooler with quality beer.

Right now, craft beer is having its mega moment. Get your feet wet by heading down to a local brewery and looking into taking a taste-test tour. Chat it up with the employees to see what they’re currently brewing and what they recommend. With the sheer multitude of craft beer brands popping up, you’re bound to find something you enjoy sipping on.

Outside of that realm, however, will always be these summer favorites picked by the Brooklyn Boot team. Here is our top five list of quality beer you can get just about anywhere:

Sam Adams Summer Ale
sammy a

Brewed right here in the good ol U.S. of A, Sam Adams Summer Ale is hands down the perfect beer for an afternoon pool hangout. This stuff is light, and brewed with citrus flavors that have now made this beer synonymous with summer.


pinterest corona*

Corona is great if you’re looking for something a little lighter. And with a solid price, it’s easy to see why this beer is a first choice when anyone is looking to pack a cooler to bring to the beach or to enjoy after a slow pitch softball game. For an extra dose of flavor, serve with a slice of lime. Dom Toretto approves.

*Beach not included.

Red Stripe

hooray ber

This is a great beer if you feel like changing up your usual drink routine. Also, it can help you feel like you’re chillin’ on an island, even though you’re not. Or maybe you are. In any case – Hooray Beer!

Blue Moon

blue moons

The boys at Brooklyn Boot HQ voted Blue Moon the best beer for a BBQ. Serve it up with an orange slice, and enjoy while hanging out in your friend’s backyard on a hot summer day. Thanks to the orange peel, you’ll look like the fanciest guy.

Not Your Father’s Root Beer

not yo fathers

Okay, so, we might be cheating a bit here, as this stuff isn’t exactly “beer.” But hear me out: nothing screams summer fun like a root beer float, if that root beer float happens to have 6% ABV then, well, even better.

For anyone interested in finding a brewery nearby, check out this search engine that will locate one nearest you!