Bags That Aren’t Man-Purses

If you’re a guy on-the-go, transporting things is no easy task. There is no doubt a fine line between “oh look, that’s just a guy with a bag to carry his stuff in, nothing remarkable to see there” and “Oh my, that is a cute little purse, where is it from?”

Maybe you’re a commuter who travels by foot, maybe you’re an avid hiker, maybe you’re being a super tourist on vacation, or maybe you have a baby to keep up after and would rather not do the one-shoulder diaper bag thing.  Either way, you’ll need a chill ass backpack to carry the items you hold dear.

Here are a few good options for ya:

Fjallraven Kanken Backpack


Just because we can’t pronounce it doesn’t mean it won’t hold your things properly. We especially dig the convertible straps on this bag, and the variety of neutral colors it comes in.
SHOP |, $75.

Herschel Supply Co. Nelson Backpack


With such classic and functional designs, we couldn’t help but include Herschel Supply Co. on this list twice (see below). This backpack is solid for everyday packing and includes a fully padded iPad sleeve.
SHOP |, $64.99.

Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quiz

pop quiz

This bag is super stylish in a subtle way. It looks awesome with daily denim, and any other casual outfit you throw on for day trip, beach trip, or any other kind of trip with your significant other.
SHOP |, $69.99.

Harwick Backpack


We admit, this is a bit fancy for our tastes, but sometimes, you gotta get your class on even when you’re wearing a backpack. The Harwick Backpack from J.Crew is water-repellent, constructed with a padded body and multiple inner compartments making it a perfect option for the chic city commuter.
SHOP |, $98

Under Armour Hustle II Backpack

hustler II

For the sportier types who don’t really care how nice their leather bag is, as long as it transports their stuff from Point A to Point B. This bag has no leather. What it does have is a padded laptop sleeve, weatherproof fabric, and a high rating on We like it.
SHOP |, $54.99.

Happy shopping, fellas!