Welcome the Chill: Fall Jacket Guide

Whoa. Wait — when did it get so cold out?

Nights of sleeping with the window wide open are slowly turning into nights of sleeping with the window kind of open, only to wake up in the middle of the night, freezing, to slam the window shut. It unfortunately seems that soon, no amount of snuggies will be enough to shield you from dipping nocturnal temperatures. This may mean it’s time to “embrace our winter/hibernation bodies,” OR search for an alternative option.

We’ll leave your bedtime attire up to you, but keeping you warm and stylish during the day is something we can help with. Check out our jacket guide below for a range of coats to keep you warm as the temperature starts to dip and the inclement weather rolls in.

The “Of Course It’ll Probably Rain and/or Snow Today” Coat

uniqlo parka

The weather forecast is sketchy, unlike your choice in jacket. This parka is water-repellent and durable, built to keep you dry and slightly warm for early fall or late winter days.

Mountain Parka, uniqlo.com $59.90.

The “My Mom Made Me Wear This Coat” Coat


It wasn’t that cold outside but your mom insisted you wear a jacket, so this is purely to please her and definitely not to keep you a little warm. This coat is waterproof and lightweight; perfect for year round wear. By the way, isn’t it like, time you’ve moved out?

The North Face Venture Jacket, jackthreads.com $99.

The “I’m Not Even Cold” Coat


Right, we get it. You don’t get cold. Ever. Even on days with subzero temps and snow on the ground. But because everyone else has a big puffy coat on you’d feel awkward if you didn’t. So here you go.

This coat falls on the sportier side of keeping warm. With top notch insulation and a water repellent finish, this has you covered on all fronts even from snowboarding to shoveling the driveway.

686 GLCR Avenue Down Jacket, zappos.com $200.

The “Look Good While Freezing Coat”

zara jacket

Even if it’s freezing and you’d rather sit by the fire with an Xbox controller in hand, you have to go out and party or else you’ll be made total fun of. We got you covered. Wear this amazing parka with  a cozy ass fur lining and you won’t for a moment long for your couch.

Parka, zara.com $189.

The “Only Boot You’ll Need” Boot


For all kinds of weather there are all kinds of coats. But for all kinds of weather there is only one kind of shoe you can depend on. Check out our gortex-lined waterproof Watermoc boot, available now for pre-order at BrooklynBoot.com.