Features Brooklyn Boot: Eric West’s “Fresh Five”

eric west header

Eric West knows best. That’s how the saying that we just made up goes. Since we know it’s about to catch serious fire, allow us a moment to explain.


In a recent article for, the stylish actor and current New York City resident Eric West picks five essential things for his weekend wardrobe.

Among his “Fresh Five” list are obvious life necessities; a socially-charged graphic tee, delicious smelling Ralph Lauren cologne, some snazzy Ikea wall art, and of course, a pair of our Outlaw desert boots.

Outlaw barking

We have to say, we commend Mr. West on his awesome weekend styling. These boots are an essential pair for any closet, as they can be dressed up or down. Eric West said it best when he describes our Outlaw desert boot as “not quite a shoe, and not quite a boot.” They’re the perfect in-between.

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