HOLIDAY SALE: A Gift For A Cool Guy

Rough Lands Holiday

Whether he’s your brother, your friend, your buddy, your guy, your pal or at least some combination of one of the above – he probably can use a new awesome pair of boots.

Cool guys are tough to shop for. In most cases, they’ve already gone out and scooped up whatever it was they wanted. To make shopping for him a little easier, from Wednesday, December 16 to Friday, December 18th, we’re offering 30% off our most popular boot, the Rough Lands.

This boot is the perfect gift for the hard-to-shop-for cool guy. It’s available in four rugged leathers that lend themselves to every day wear. If your friend is a khakis guy, get him the boots in Barking Rough Out; if he’s a jeans guy, get him the boots in Bison Pull-Up; if he’s a black jeans guy, Night Wolf or Grey Grizzly will suit him just fine.

Use the code BOOTSGIFT to get 30% off our Rough Lands boot at