Lady-Friendly Male Grooming Products

There are two types of guys. Those who take so long to get ready that they put some of us girls to shame, and those who simply don’t. Whichever category you fall into, here are some lady-approved tips for you to keep in mind when getting ready.

1. On Shaving:

To shave or not to shave? We polled a few girls around the office to get an opinion, and the majority were in favor of a little stubble. Girls can have their opinions and like what they want, but what this really comes down to is how immaculate your beard-growing power is.

Basically, we love whatever kind of facial hair looks good on you. But don’t keep it around if it’s not doing you any favors. We suggest keeping yourself well groomed with anything from The Art of Shaving.

2. Your New Shower Buddy


Right, just so we’re clear, we said shower buddy, and not “shower daddy.” 

Drum roll please: Your new shower buddy is a loofah!  Yes, seriously. You’re not above loofahs. Stop it. Have you ever even tried one? Give it a try and after, when all spots on your back previously untouched are squeaky clean and free of bacne, I will gladly re-debate this issue with you.

They’re not the prettiest looking things, but you can find them in a lot of varieties at Target, Wal-Mart, or if you’re feeling bold, Bath & Body Works.

3. Stop Drying Your Heart Out
dove men

It’s not a shower unless there is soap. We recommend using Dove soap (which is totally not just a woman’s soap) because it moisturizes as well as it cleans.

It’s great if you’re prone to super dry skin, and available at your local drug store.

4. Smell Ya Later

cologne germany

Cologne, Germany

Hair products and your choice of cologne both fall under the category of “less is more.”  It’s important to avoid leaving everyone you walk by in a wake of your pungent scent. If you leave a room, and the room still smells like you, you’re doing something wrong. If people can tell where you walked if you leave a path of scent, you’re doing it wrong.

If you’re unsure of what cologne suits your mojo best, here’s a tip: Go to the mall and try one on at a department store. Walk around for about a half hour in order to let the cologne fully set in. If you like it by the time you’re done shopping (or walking around wasting time), then go back and pick it up.

5. Hairy Situation
something about mary

Nothing looks as good as you do after a fresh cut that you’re into. Know what you want before the barber adjusts his clippers and you end up in bald city (when thought you were going to emerge looking like David Beckham.) And don’t be afraid to let your barber tell you what kind of style would look best on you. The best part about hair? It grows back.