Here’s To: A Stylish 2016

Happy New Year, y’all.

What’s worse than coming back to work the week after New Year’s celebrations? Coming back to work the week after the week after New Year’s celebrations. Yet, here we are.

With the new year comes annoyingly big crows at the gym, lame Facebook statuses like “New Year, New Me,” and people asking you what your resolution is.

If you haven’t made a resolution yet, consider making it a promise to be more stylish in 2016. Today we’re going to talk menswear trends – and not about the overalls and short shorts that certain trend websites forecast guys wearing in 2016.

Here are some of the more attainable looks to hop on board with in 2016:

Bomber Jackets
JT bomber

This kind of jacket has always been cool, but that coolness has gotten new life on the 2016 fashion week runways. Bomber jackets are available now in winter iterations; wool, quilted leather, and even fur-lined. But come the spring and summer months, you can count on finding this must-have jacket style made in lighter materials.

SHOP: The Collegiate Bomber, $89.99

Denim For Days
CKC Jeans 16
Calvin Klein Collection via Vogue.

Denim is a thing, and will always be a thing. It’s hard to underestimate a pair of good jeans, like the light-wash ones pictured above.

jogger patagoina

If you were too scared to try a pair last year, then now is definitely the time to give it a go; by now, everyone’s already acclimated to this trend.

SHOP: Patagonia Baggies, $69

White Chinos
T Hill White Chino
Tommy Hilfiger via Vogue.

White chinos are cool, especially in the summer on an island somewhere. Tip: Don’t wear red undies that day.

Colors to Try
Mauve, grey, dark green. Experiment with color in more muted palettes. But please, just leave your salmon pants at home. #newyearnewyou #amiright?

HOLIDAY SALE: Everything 25% Off


Even if Christmas is technically over, despite the fact that your neighbor will keep their tacky decorations out until June, we still are in the mood to treat you.

Yeah, today until Wednesday we’re hooking you guys up with 25% off our entire site. Yeah. Let that one sink in. 25%. Off. Our. Entire. Site.

Think of this kind of like a New Year’s gift. If you ask us, there’s no better way to start the new year off than with a fresh pair of kicks.

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HOLIDAY SALE: A Gift For The Commuter

watermoc holidays

Our Watermoc boot is built for the adventurous guy who doesn’t fear the outside elements. This boot is fully-loaded: it’s waterproof, Gore-Tex lined, and built on a Vibram non-slip lug sole. You can say it’s an ambitious boot for an ambitious guy.

Whether he commutes in all kinds of weather, or has a knack for travelling by foot when he heads out, he needs a pair of boots like the Watermoc well suited for the journey.

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HOLIDAY SALE: A Gift For A Cool Guy

Rough Lands Holiday

Whether he’s your brother, your friend, your buddy, your guy, your pal or at least some combination of one of the above – he probably can use a new awesome pair of boots.

Cool guys are tough to shop for. In most cases, they’ve already gone out and scooped up whatever it was they wanted. To make shopping for him a little easier, from Wednesday, December 16 to Friday, December 18th, we’re offering 30% off our most popular boot, the Rough Lands.

This boot is the perfect gift for the hard-to-shop-for cool guy. It’s available in four rugged leathers that lend themselves to every day wear. If your friend is a khakis guy, get him the boots in Barking Rough Out; if he’s a jeans guy, get him the boots in Bison Pull-Up; if he’s a black jeans guy, Night Wolf or Grey Grizzly will suit him just fine.

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Gentlemen Dad Deal

In the course of our lives, usually the first model example of a gentleman we encounter is none other than our own father.

A pair of slacks, a crisp necktie and a classic button down shirt: These are quintessential staples that every gentlemanly dad has pressed and ready in his closet. Into that mix, we’d like to add a pair of timeless shoes.

So to celebrate the fresh pressed father in your life, for three days (Thursday, December 10 to Saturday, December 12) we’re offering an awesome 30% off The Gentleman lace-up (originally $155).

Available in Bourbon brown leather, and polished Asphalt black leather, our Gentleman lace-up is constructed with clean lines. Its simple silhouette ensures that nothing gets in the way of its classic style. The Gentleman is an ideal shoe for work, it’s ideal shoe for dressier events, and it’s the ideal shoe for any gentleman.

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12 Days of Christmas: Five Ugly Sweaters

If it isn’t December until you get invited to SantaCon in the city, then it super isn’t December until you’ve been invited to an Ugly Sweater Party.

As good as self-aware ugly sweaters (much like the ones we’ve chosen here) are, nothing is truly as ugly as a sweater that doesn’t mean to be that way. For example, think of the sweater you wore for 8th grade school pictures, or the one from the old ladies’ section of Kohl’s. Sometimes the best sweaters at these parties are ill-fitted, sorry excuses for garments that someone, somewhere seriously considered wearing.

In any case, Ugly Sweater Parties have extended the dress code into Ridiculous Sweater Parties. So if you’ve come to entertain the latter, we’ve picked out five ridiculous sweaters for you to choose from below.

Patchwork Cardigan

patchwork cardigan

TispyElves dedicates a large portion of its merchandise to such parties. They seem to know what they’re doing, especially by outfitting fuzzy balls over buttons of this cardigan.

SHOP |, $59.95.

Elf Suit Sweater

elf sweater

You can only wear this if you promise to pick up every phone you hear ringing and say, “Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?”

SHOP|, $28.

The Light-Up Sweater

DIY sweater

Okay, this one is a little on the intense side: Set up is required. Complete with a set of decals and pipe cleaners to glue on, this sweater allows for maximum customization, and a little bit of arts & crafts.

SHOP |, $24.99.

A Very Donald Christmas

trupm xmas

We’re not disputing the fact that $73 is a lot to pay for a sweater. But this sweater bares the face of America’s front-running Republican candidate, which is either depressing, or really awesome, depending on what side of the political spectrum you fall on, if any at all.

But anyways, think of the memories you’ll have once you make this Christmas great again.

SHOP |, $73.

Hotline Bling


Did Lolli Couture just win best sweater award? Or did you, at the party you’re about to wear this to?

SHOP |, $19.99.

LOOK AT US THO: Brooklyn Boot Commercial

three styles commercial

We know what you’re thinking. I’m so proud! It seems like only yesterday we met you on Kickstarter, and now you’re all grown up with your own TV spot! Look at you go!

Well, we don’t like to brag, but yes – it’s all true. Our first-ever TV commercial aired recently, touting three of our favorite everyday styles. In the quick 30-second clip below, three guys move from the office to the after party. Here, it’s clearer than ever that our shoes blend with a number of lifestyles and will straight up make you look good for almost any occasion.

Here are the shoes in the commercial, in order of appearance:

Outlaw desert boot in Night Wolf;
Gentleman lace-up in Bourbon;
Rough Lands boot in Bison Pull-up.

Watch the video below to see how flawless our boots look on camera.


AS SEEN ON: Tastemakers Boot Up in Our Rough Lands

It’s high time to invest in a pair of durable boots for the coming cold months. Boat shoe season is over. Dirty sneaker season is also over (it’s been over for a while buddy. Time to retire those old things.) Every guy needs a pair of boots. If you agree, you’ll find you’re in just the right place.

If you don’t know how to wear a pair of boots, take a page from the stylish book of these guys; Marcel of One Dapper Street, Moti of Metro Man, Mustafa Kacar of Astute Attire and Bobby Hicks of This Fellow, who each rock a pair of our boots in their own way.

Each guy below employs a smart style without a lot of flash. Their clothes are entirely easy to pull off. See for yourself below:

Marcel, of One Dapper Street

dapper man 2

dapper man 1

Marcel’s expert mix of a turtleneck waffle sweater and trench coat give these boots a casual yet sophisticated vibe. Who knew boots could look so posh?

See the full post here.

Moti, of Metro Man

metro man 2

metro man 1

Next up is Moti of Metro Man, a NYC-based cool dude wearing our boot in the slick, black Night Wolf.

In a post dedicated to naming Fall essentials, Moti lists our boots as a prime part of his line-up and goes on to state, “Remember, combat boots are like wine, they only get better with age.” Amen.

See the full post here.

Mustafa, of Astute Attire


We also spotted our boots on the feet of Mustafa Kacar, a blogger of all-things-NYC, mostly including his svelte style.

Born and bred in New York City, Mustafa is a worldly man with an impressive travel record. His intelligent personal style can best be described as the contemporary gentleman. In keeping in line with this, he pairs tweed dress pants with our boots,

Bobby Hicks, of This Fellow

bobby hicks


In photos reflecting great artistry, you will find Bobby Hicks donning a pair of our Rough Lands boots in the the popular Bison Pull-Up.

All he needs is a simple pair of jeans and a rugged flannel button down (okay, and some awesome, moody lighting from a setting sun) to complete his awesome look.

See the full post here.

In reality, all you need is a pair of jeans and a shirt to pull off these boots in any color. But if you like to reach for the stars in terms of style, or if you’re simply looking to switch up your wardrobe, look to these dudes for some inspiration. Features Brooklyn Boot: Eric West’s “Fresh Five”

eric west header

Eric West knows best. That’s how the saying that we just made up goes. Since we know it’s about to catch serious fire, allow us a moment to explain.


In a recent article for, the stylish actor and current New York City resident Eric West picks five essential things for his weekend wardrobe.

Among his “Fresh Five” list are obvious life necessities; a socially-charged graphic tee, delicious smelling Ralph Lauren cologne, some snazzy Ikea wall art, and of course, a pair of our Outlaw desert boots.

Outlaw barking

We have to say, we commend Mr. West on his awesome weekend styling. These boots are an essential pair for any closet, as they can be dressed up or down. Eric West said it best when he describes our Outlaw desert boot as “not quite a shoe, and not quite a boot.” They’re the perfect in-between.

Shop the boots at


Badass Halloween Costumes

We’re about a week out from Halloween, which means it’s probably time to start considering your costume. If you’re not the kind of guy willing to spend hours in a temporary Halloween shop that cropped up last week in your local mall, fear not. Below we put together some low-maintenance options for you.

We channeled the badassery of our most badass boot for a few easy costumes. Happy Halloween!


WF Lumberjack

Okay, this one is kind of an easy one, and doesn’t win many points on the imaginative scale. That doesn’t matter. You’re not going to an imagination contest, you’re going to a Halloween party. And you kind of forgot that it was Halloween so now you’re scrambling around your closet to find something you can turn into a costume.

What you’ll need: Red flannel shirt, loose-fitted work pants or khakis, a knit cap, a beard (there is no such thing as a clean-shaven lumberjack), some kind of ax (maybe not a real one. Please don’t use a real one.) and a pair of rugged boots.

Bonus materials: Suspenders.

Vladimir Putin* Feeding A Horse

putin horse

Whether or not you agree with his politics, there’s no disputing that Vladimir Putin likes to do manly things for publicity. Do yourself a favor and check out this photo album with 33 images of the man doing manly shit. You’ll want to properly prepare for your costume.

What you’ll need: A pair of manly pants, sports sunglasses, and a super rugged pair of boots. Like these.

Bonus materials: A live horse, preferably from the Siberian countryside.

*This is not an endorsement of Putin’s politics, solely of Putin’s manliness.

The Terminator


Ah yes, The Terminator. Who wouldn’t want to be Arnold Shwarzenegger’s best role for a day? It’s perhaps the most badass look here and takes little effort to pull it off.

What you’ll need: A pair of black sunglasses, a black leather jacket (or utility coat), black pants, and black boots.

Bonus materials: A devilish grin, a motorcycle, and a cabinet full of trophies acquired during your bodybuilding years.

Ron Swanson

ron swanson tammy 1

To avoid veering too closely to our lumberjack idea, we chose this  very specific version of Ron Swanson. Assuming your hair probably isn’t long enough to rock dreds, aim here for Ron with Tammy 1 instead of Ron with Tammy 2.

The most important thing about this costume is to make sure you up the cheese-factor of your interactions with people. Say things like “cool beans” and call people “goof balls.”

What you’ll need: A polo with a corny color scheme most likely seen on an elementary school music teacher, zero facial hair, and a pair of khakis.

Bonus materials: A blond psychological mastermind with the body odor of a bloodhound on your arm.