Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animals

Well…it’s Monday. And if you’re suffering from a case of them, we’ve got the perfect remedy for you below. Christmas is in less than three days – a fact not lost on us. Below are some of our favorite scenes from classic Christmas flicks.

This post is not complete without Will Ferrell’s yellow tights clad legs.

Elf (2008)

1:39-1:51 is going to happen after dinner on Thursday, at least we’re being up front about it right now.

Elf (2008)

Last one. Mostly because we miss Tyrion. Is it April yet? I think we’re going to watch Elf now.

Step Brothers (2008)

“Never, ever wake up a sleepwalker.”

Dumb and Dumber (1996)

This reminds us of that daydream we had about the time we were at a Christmas party and told a joke that made everyone love us forever.

Ted (2012)

The whole video is great, but the first ten seconds pretty much sum it up.

National Lampoon Christmas Vacation (1989)

10/10 would rant again.

Bad Santa (2003)

Because we’ve all been that guy who hates losing once or twice in our lifetime.

Bad Santa (2003)

What would happen on some days if we hadn’t saved up a vacation day or two for moments like this.

Better Off Dead (1985)

“Look Beth, I gotta go…the Christmas tree’s on fire.” Classic John Cusak. And yes, they do have Christmas in France.

Home Alone 2 (1992)



Are You Cuffed? Ways to Style Your Jeans

You’ve got your jeans, you’ve got your boots, but do you have your style?

AD Barking Rough Out Lifestyle copy

We put together a guide to direct you to dress simply in a way that isn’t sloppy (unless that’s the look you’re  going for). When it comes to jeans and boots there’s a ton of ways to cuff, fold, tuck and simply wear. Some guys get fancy. Some guys don’t care. We like to offer a few suggestions for both of those guys, and the in-betweens.

Featured boot: The Rough Lands in Bison Pull-Up
The Casual Front Tuck: Where just the front part of your jeans hides behind the tongue on your boots. Take a cue from our shoot with The Huffington Post, where  one of their stylish editors, Brennan Williams, loosely laced his boots and tucked the front of his jeans behind a relaxed tongue.


The It’s Date Night So Let’s Put In Some Effort: A neatly folded, slim cuff looks best with a crisp blazer over a clean button down. That’s right. Let’s try to at least look like you thought about your outfit before leaving the house. Start by creating a tight fold – you shouldn’t have to cuff more than twice for this look.


The Casual Friday Look: Reserved for every single day for any casual occasion, this is the easiest to pull off – simply because you don’t have to do anything. Make sure to wear jeans that aren’t too long. If they are, a quick visit to your local tailor or cleaners for a one or two inch hem will fix the problem – or, try testing out a belt clasped tightly, which will work to lift your jeans slightly.


The “Hey Everyone, Come And See How Good I Look”: Tuck your jeans completely in to your boots for an edgy look. This allows you to show off your boots, because you know everyone wants to see them.


To Do List: Ugly Sweater Run

sneaker run graphic

Walkers and runners who have a hideously ugly sweater you’ve been itching to run in (or just plain itching in), here is a good Scott & Gino approved activity for ya.

The Ugly Sweater Run is coming to NYC at Citi Field on Saturday, December 20th. Race time is 11:00 AM – plenty of time to get your beauty sleep in.

If you’re looking to do neither but are down to just have a good time, you can look forward to getting a complimentary hot chocolate and a choice of Sam Adam’s Winter Lager, Boston Lager, or Angry Orchard Hard Cider after the race.

Also after the race: awards will be given out for best real mustache, best fake mustache, best beard, worst sweater and best sweater.

The Ugly Sweater Run has partnered with Save The Children, so when you register make sure you’re on the organization’s page. For more details, see here.

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Boot Care Guide

grey grizzly boot care

We heard all of your boot care questions, and decided to answer them with a care guide specific to Brooklyn Boots. Below you’ll find a few general rules-of-thumb for caring for your boots, and the materials you’ll need to do so.

AD Night Wolf Lifestyle copy


grey grizzly boot care THUMB
Grey Grizzly

Leather type: Full-grain.
Your materials: Soft cloth, leather cleaner, saddle soap.
For this boot, as well as our Bison Pull-Up, standard leather care is required. Dab leather cleaner onto a damp cloth, then rub onto the boot. After the boot is dried, use another soft cloth to wipe away any excess.

bison pull up thumb
Bison Pull-Up
Leather type:
Your materials: Soft cloth, leather cleaner or saddle soap.
Grey Grizzly and Bison Pull-Up are both full-grain leathers, so the care instructions are pretty much the same. Use a damp, small cloth to work saddle soap into the boot. Once the boot is dry, wipe away any excess with a dry cloth. After the boot has dried, we suggest conditioning with a leather cleaner or conditioner that prevents cracking (this can probably be found at your local CVS, Target, or drug store).

rough out boot care guide THUMB
Barking Rough Out

Leather type: Rough out leather.
Special Materials: Suede brush, suede cleaner.
You’d be correct to treat this material like suede. For minor scuffs or stains, use a suede brush to preserve the leather’s unique roughness. If this doesn’t work, use a damp cloth and leather cleaner.

Suede brush bristles should be quite soft, and the brush should be used lightly .

night wolf boot care guide THUMB
Night Wolf

Leather type: Full-grain.
Special Materials: Leather soap, soft cloth, leave-in conditioner
Our softest leather will require a more delicate hand. Care instructions are the same as Grey Grizzly and Bison Pull-Up as they are for this boot.

To keep this leather soft and well-preserved, we suggest using a leave-in treatment like leather conditioner.

General Care Rules:
Before trying any product on our boots, make sure you use a test patch to be sure the product doesn’t discolor the leather.

Now that we’re on the brink of winter months, you’re going to want to watch out for salt stains on your boots. They’ll appear on the upper part of your boots just above the outsole. Wipe the stain off as soon as you notice them with a damp cloth, then wipe with a dry one. The sooner you do this after accumulating salt, the easier the stains will be to remove.

If you’re going to weatherproof your boots – do it before you wear them for the first time. And remember that when water stops rolling off your boot in droplets, it’s time to re-treat the leather.

It’s always important to make sure you let your boots dry naturally. Using a hair drier, or anything else that would speed up the process will cause the leather to damage and discolor.

Let There Be Boots!


Drum roll PLEASE!

As of today, Monday, November 24,  we have shipped out the very first pairs of boots to our Kickstarter backers. In total we’ve shipped about 530 pairs to those who pledged for Barking Rough Out, Bison Pull-Up, and Grey Grizzly.

Those who pledged for the Rough Lands in Night Wolf have to wait just a bit longer.  We received a large influx of orders during the last week of our campaign, so we had to re-order a fair amount of leather. We experience the majority of the shortage with the Night Wolf leather, and as a result, we’ll begin shipping that style out on sometime during the week of December 8th.

If you’ve pre-ordered straight from our website, the wait will be a little longer than that! We’ll keep you posted once we’ve fulfilled all of our Kickstarter orders, as those are our main priority.

Our factory has been working hard to put together your orders in a timely fashion and we couldn’t be prouder to see this through. The direct-to-consumer process is entirely new to our factory, but we are close to having it mastered! We hope you can understand the potential for slight delays in getting the shoes to you.

Be on the lookout for your new pair of boots – because we also threw in a little holiday treat. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we’re giving thanks to our Kickstarter backers by gifting them with a demo CD from Topshelf Records, a U.S. record company. The CD features about 20 up-and-coming awesome artists with songs that we think you guys are going want to bump during your fam and friends get-togethers this week.

Scroll through the pics below for a peek into what Scott is up to today, and from the entire Brooklyn Boot Company team, Happy Thanksgiving!!

boxed bison pull up

scott and boots

boxed rough out

What is a Goodyear Welt?

Yeah, we talk about it, we brag about it, yet you have no idea what it is. Fair enough. It’s a part of the shoe construction process that is admittedly a little hard to explain, but it is an important factor in what sets our boots and shoes apart.

Scott walks us through why we use this method and what makes it so special. In our first of many video blogs, watch as Scott discusses the process of making a Goodyear welted shoe and why you guys will benefit from it.

Scott and Gino’s Factory Visit

Scott inspecting a Bison Pull Up

Last Friday, Gino and I packed up the car and road-tripped down to the factory in order to get a look at the first finished pairs of our Rough Lands boot. We were pumped to be the first ones to sit and try on the finished product, and to see the factory in action with our boots running through production.  We also had a chance to catch up with our team at the factory, and witness how excited our shoemakers are about the success we’ve had so early on.

Rack full of Grey Grizzly's waiting to be laced and packed.

Rack full of Grey Grizzly’s waiting to be laced and packed.

The first pairs off the line were the Grey Grizzly’s and Bison Pull-Up’s. I tried on a pair of both for the first time, and was so pleased with how they felt comfort-wise.  As promised, they fit me true to size, and the last we developed for the boot gave me ample space in the toe box for my slightly wide feet. Once I got them laced up, I walked around in them and was impressed at how light they felt on my feet… I’m talking I could have busted some serious moves in them. The padding in the sock provided me a layer of cushion that I appreciated with each step. I knew then that we have fully achieved our goal to design a lightweight, comfortable boot crafted entirely in our PA factory for the best possible price!

Bison Pull Ups still wrapped in their protective shrinkwrap

Bison Pull Ups still wrapped in their protective shrinkwrap.

After Gino and I looked through several racks of the finished boots, we started to walk backwards through the line to check out the rest of the pairs in production. I got to see the Barking Rough Out pairs being attached to their outsoles using our factory’s signature Goodyear Welt construction method. Most noticeable from this station was the unique, rough leather that we picked for our premier boot. Each pair has its own character that distinguishes it from its neighbor. The Night Wolf pairs were in the stitching room and we got to see the butter soft hides begin to take shape in this station. It was great witnessing first-hand the amount of care workers were taking when stitching the pieces of leather together. This is the stage where the boots are beginning to take their shape and it was obvious that the quality craftsmanship going into these boots was top notch, just as we expected. Finally, we walked through the warehouse to check on the last process our boots will undergo before ending up on your doorstep. Though we weren’t ready to ship them just yet, our team had prepared the boxes and selected certain materials needed to keep the shoes protected in transit.

Official Brooklyn Boot "boot box"

Official Brooklyn Boot “boot box”

We anticipate shipping these within the next two weeks. We will be hand-inspecting every single boot before it goes out so to make sure that each pair meets the high quality standard we set for them. Due to the large volume of orders we received, we’ll have to ship in waves – so some pairs may ship several days later than others. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we are taking our time to make sure we ship you the best pair of boots we can possibly make. Gino and I saw a lot of awesome stuff at the factory, and we know you guys are going to be happy with our boots.

Stay tuned for more updates!

– Scott Hagen, Brooklyn Boot Brand Manager

Introducing the Belmont Derby


If you’ve been keeping an eye on, you may have noticed a new addition to our existing lineup – a shoe style! After weeks of hardwork designing and planning for production of this new style, we are excited to share the news!

About midway through our Kickstarter campaign we noticed the demand for a dressier shoe style that would serve as the perfect counterpart to our boots. Your suggestions inspired us to jump on designing another versatile and traditional style that would provide our customers with the same value and quality craftsmanship that our brand was founded on.


After carefully considering what type of shoe style would be the perfect addition to the Brooklyn Boot collection, we settled on a timeless wardrobe essential – a lace-up derby. The Belmont Series is available in two suedes; midnight, which best suits nighttime events, and daybreak, a casual tan, which works best for daily dealings and laid back work events. Both are built with a Goodyear welt allowing for flexibility and comfort, and a brick red Vibram sole providing traction.

To us, your feedback was as a sign to take advantage of the factory space we were able to secure, and we jumped on the opportunity to produce a limited test run of yet another classic, American-made shoe. TO BUY: The Belmont is still in production at the moment, but is currently available for pre-order on the site. We are selling our killer derby at a direct price of $155, a style that would traditionally retail for over $225. We expect to ship them in mid-December, and depending on your response, we might fully incorporate this style into our collection, alongside our boots.

Again, we thank our Kickstarter backers for their support. Without it, we couldn’t have imagined introducing our boots to the market, let alone being able to start producing on a shoe style this soon.

Don’t miss the chance to get in on The Belmont. Pre-order your pair here now to be one of the first!

The Belmont



Brooklyn Boot Company Officially Launches

BBC Kickstarter Screen

Monday, September 15, 2014 was an exciting day for us. It marked the beginning of our Brooklyn Boot Company Kickstarter campaign, where we began taking pre-orders for our debut boot. After figuring out cost of production, materials and labor, we landed on $50,000 as our campaign goal and opted for a 30-day window to raise the funds.

Fast-forward to one month later on Wednesday, October 15, which was decidedly an even more thrilling day for us. That morning at 9:00AM, we finished our Kickstarter campaign with an astounding $117,817 pledged by 857 backers who are actively helping us establish our Made In America brand. We’re beyond grateful to everyone  who has supported us and we’re finally ready to make good on our end of the promise, which is to manufacture and deliver quality boots!

We’ve included a size chart on all of our product pages to help you find your perfect size.  We offer free exchanges for our Kickstarter backers who initially ordered an incorrect size.

Production in our factory is in full swing and we are pushing hard to get our boots out to you next month. We plan to start shipping boots in the middle of November, but there’s a chance production will continue into late November/early December as we have exceeded our expectations for how many boots we’d be making! Either way, we’ll keep everyone updated throughout the process.

Thanks again to everyone that has backed and shared our project on Kickstarter. We are so unbelievably grateful for the support and response we’ve received, and we’re eager to continue making quality USA made goods available at an affordable price. With the end of our Kickstarter campaign, the beginnings of our brand can now push ahead in full force. Stay tuned!