Meet Your Newest Waterproof Boot

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A little rain never hurt anyone — especially not anyone wearing our new all-weather, rain-ready boot.

Meet the Watermoc, our newest boot made with waterproof leather, a rugged Vibram lug sole for improved traction, and Gore-Tex lining to keep your completely foot dry. Gore-Tex fabric is breathable and waterproof; two qualities that are an absolute must for roughing it through inclement weather.


The Watermoc boasts a stylish round moc-toe construction. So not only is it a no-brainer for chilly rainy days, its also good-looking enough to wear every day.

Grab a pair for yourself for the waterproof functionality, and keep them for their good looks.  Available now for pre-order, in stock on October 20th.


Bags That Aren’t Man-Purses

If you’re a guy on-the-go, transporting things is no easy task. There is no doubt a fine line between “oh look, that’s just a guy with a bag to carry his stuff in, nothing remarkable to see there” and “Oh my, that is a cute little purse, where is it from?”

Maybe you’re a commuter who travels by foot, maybe you’re an avid hiker, maybe you’re being a super tourist on vacation, or maybe you have a baby to keep up after and would rather not do the one-shoulder diaper bag thing.  Either way, you’ll need a chill ass backpack to carry the items you hold dear.

Here are a few good options for ya:

Fjallraven Kanken Backpack


Just because we can’t pronounce it doesn’t mean it won’t hold your things properly. We especially dig the convertible straps on this bag, and the variety of neutral colors it comes in.
SHOP |, $75.

Herschel Supply Co. Nelson Backpack


With such classic and functional designs, we couldn’t help but include Herschel Supply Co. on this list twice (see below). This backpack is solid for everyday packing and includes a fully padded iPad sleeve.
SHOP |, $64.99.

Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quiz

pop quiz

This bag is super stylish in a subtle way. It looks awesome with daily denim, and any other casual outfit you throw on for day trip, beach trip, or any other kind of trip with your significant other.
SHOP |, $69.99.

Harwick Backpack


We admit, this is a bit fancy for our tastes, but sometimes, you gotta get your class on even when you’re wearing a backpack. The Harwick Backpack from J.Crew is water-repellent, constructed with a padded body and multiple inner compartments making it a perfect option for the chic city commuter.
SHOP |, $98

Under Armour Hustle II Backpack

hustler II

For the sportier types who don’t really care how nice their leather bag is, as long as it transports their stuff from Point A to Point B. This bag has no leather. What it does have is a padded laptop sleeve, weatherproof fabric, and a high rating on We like it.
SHOP |, $54.99.

Happy shopping, fellas!

Baby, You’re a Firework: 4th of July Style


Fourth of July weekend is upon us. If you’re lucky enough, this means you’re in store for a 3-day, 4-day, or even 5-day weekend. How do you prepare for such an extended time for shenanigans, you ask? By dressing right, for starters.

Whether you’re preparing to turn up for an afternoon BBQ or just delight in some nighttime fireworks, here is our 4th of July style guide!

Afternoon BBQ

This is one of those gatherings where you arrive at 2:00PM, but stick around long enough and you’re in for some late night snacking while things start to get weird. Day parties tend to be more lax than the ones that start after dinner, so your outfit should have a chill, I didn’t mean to look this good it just happened, vibe.

For this affair, we picked out an easy tee, swim shorts for when you’re ready to take your party into the pool, and classy shoes (that we strongly recommend you remove before you submerge.) Lightweight swim trunks and a breezy white tee are all you need to complete your daytime look.

belmont tan
Brooklyn Boot Belmont in Daybreak, $155.

white henley
THE SHIRT Feathers Linen Henley,, $30.

men swim active shorts
THE SHORTS Men Swim Active Shorts, $19.90.

Town or VIP Fireworks Gathering

The sun has finally set – which means your town or city just may get it together in time to launch this year’s fireworks. Or maybe you are well-to-do and you’re invited to a gathering that boasts a private firework presentation. Regardless, this is when the party really begins. It is the one act that sets the celebratory tone of the day and reminds us what Independence day is all about.

Dress in a way that says you properly respect the magic of fireworks, but allows you to be comfortable enough to sit Indian style on the grass as you gaze up in awe. We picked a long sleeve button down shirt in hopes that it would keep pesky mosquitoes away, and a pair of dress-casual khaki shorts that are perfect for all occasions.

Brooklyn Boot Company Belmont in Midnight, $155.

woolf lefferts
Woolf Lefferts Shirt, $45.50.

dry shorts
THE SHORTS Men’s Dry Stretch Shorts, $19.90.

Other Activities

Random get-togethers will surely creep up this weekend. The best way to prepare? Have a killer playlist handy, stock your cooler with some fan faves, and check out our Grill Guide if for some unfortunate reason the party hosting responsibility falls on you.

For some Fourth of July listening, please click here.

Happy Independence Day to all!

Belmont Stakes Style

belmont hat

Eight horses will take to the tracks this Saturday, June 6th; seven of them, racing to stop American Pharoah from securing a Triple Crown. If they fail however, American Pharoah will be the 12th Triple Crown winner in history, and the first to do so since 1978.

That’s all fine and dandy. But you have better things to worry about than a horse running around a dirt circle. You have to worry about how good you’re going to look when you watch it all go down.

At the race grounds jackets, suits, sport coats and ties are among the required dress for men. Shorts and tank tops are among the no-no’s. The easiest way to comply with the dress code is to hit up the suit shop at JackThreads.

outfit 1
SHOP:  Paisley & Gray Slim Selvedge Picstitch Blazer, $95.50 | Paisley & Gray Slim Shirt, $39.50 | Paisley & Gray Slim Linen Picstitch Pant, $49.50

Even if you’re not cool enough go to to the Stakes (maybe cool is the wrong choice of word) it’s perfectly acceptable to still look the part. We picked out a cool gray linen suit perfect if you plan on being in the sun. If you have any summer weddings to hit up this season this suit also will be an immaculate choice.

outfit 2
HOP: EDGE by WD.NY Slim Floral Trim Blazer, $95.50 | Paisley & Gray Slim Twill Pant, $45.50 | Skinny  Tie Madness Apple Striples Tie, $12.99.

We put together a second option for the more eccentric personalities. A mix-and-matchy colored sport coat mixed with fresh white pants. We generally don’t encourage popped collars but the collar on this blazer is printed with an exotic floral print, making it something of an exception.

Whatever you choose to do, you can dress confidently knowing that our Belmont Derby in Midnight or Daybreak suede will carry you in style.

belmont tan
SHOP:, $155.

Memorial Day Style…

Weekender_LogoStamp small

…and a Brooklyn Boot Freebie!

Yup! We are offering a free weekender bag with every purchase of our American made boots or shoes on made between Friday, May 22 and Monday, May 25th.  The bag is super lightweight and comes in classic navy blue canvas.

It’s perfectly spacious, built to accommodate a weekend away, or hold your accouterments for work on a casual Friday. The bags will ship separately from your order and should arrive 2-3 weeks after you get your boots.

Happy Memorial Day, peeps!

This weekend marks the official begin to your awesome summer. It’s the first extended weekend of the year that we get to spend outside delighting in warm weather. Some of us will get the grills going and serve up delicious cheese stuffed burgers, some of us will complain that the cheesy Memorial Day parade our town is throwing is clogging up the main roads, and some of us will get too overly competitive playing backyard wiffle ball. It’s fine, we all get a little too into the game sometimes. All in good fun right? (But seriously if you can’t catch a pop fly don’t even bother showing up to my barbecue.)

To celebrate our, so far, favorite weekend of the year, we’ve compiled some style tips to accommodate your three day weekend.

Oakley Radar EV Sunglasses



Who cares if they’re a little pricey. They’re Oakleys, and they have cool ass frames, and they’re polarized which means the sun in your eyes won’t be a sufficient excuse when you can’t see the volleyball coming at you. Buy at, $190.

The North Face Horizon Hat

horizon hat

Keep cool in a lighter shade, like this Dune Beige tan from The North Face. This cap is lightweight, not nerdy, and thanks to its sweatproof and water resistant fabric, it can easily become your new go-to when hitting the links over the summer. Shop at, $25.

Patagonia Men’s Stretch Wavefarer Board Shorts

board shorts

Nothing suits you better than a pair of classic board shorts. I mean it. These shorts have a self-lined waistband and a drawstring, so you can rest assured that no one on the beach will see your unmentionables when the big waves start up. Plus, Patagonia is awesome. Shop at, $69.

AIRism Mesh Crew Neck T-Shirt



AIRism, available at Uniqlo, was designed to keep the wearer cool and dry all day. The fabric has been engineered with anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties that help keep the stink away. An absolutely must for the active guys who plan on showering by jumping in the nearest pool and calling it a day. Shop at, $12.90.

Brooklyn Boot Company “Belmont” Derby

belmont tan

These bad boys can be saved for later in the night, when all the games are said and done, and you feel like cleaning it up a bit. Clueless about what else to wear? We’ll leave you with this: our Summer Uniform Guide.

Your Summer Uniform

It’s hard to shop for clothes to be worn during a season when you’d be much happier on the beach. To simplify the process, we picked out one key piece from each category that will carry you through the season.

Below are five elements to make up the quintessential summer cool outfit: a breezy button down, an easy t-shirt, versatile shorts, shoes, and sunglasses or a watch in case you haven’t updated your accessory game recently.

The Shirt

linen casual
Premium Linen Long Sleeve Shirt, $34.90;

Opt for linen when looking for an easy, relaxed button down that you don’t have to worry about sweating through. Roll up the sleeves and throw it on during particularly breezy nights. If you’re feeling like a bit of a showman, go ahead and expose a bit of chest hair in this look.


clubmaster ray ban
Clubmaster Classic in green classic, $150;

A classic pair of sunglasses will do the trick. Whether you’re out on a boat or downtown for happy hour, keep a pair in your pocket to look cool even if you don’t  feel it.


watch jcrew
imex for J. Crew Military Watch, $98;

Leather wristbands are sort of a no-no in the summer. Leather lends itself to sweat, causing a watch strap to stick to you in an uncomfortable way. For now, a woven fabric wristband works best – and this one from a collaboration between Timex and J. Crew is compatible with 13 other watch straps currently on sale at


Eirakuya Graphic Short Sleeve T-Shirt, $12.90;

Everyone needs a few go-to summer shirts. No thinking, just throw it on and go. Uniqlo has a great selection of tees, as does JackThreads and Urban Outfitters.


Emerson Shorts
Goodale Emerson Soft Washed Short, $39.50;

Make sure your shorts aren’t too short, unless of course you never skip leg day and want everyone to know it. If you’re looking for go-to pair, it’s best to avoid patterned shorts – a solid pair will act as a great base for printed shirts and colorful accessories.


belmont daybreak weather
Belmont derby in daybreak, $155;

You’re going to want and need an easy pair of shoes to do your casual but cool summer look proper justice. Boat shoes are a little too run-of-the-mill for you. Sneakers are not allowed at some fine establishments (including bars). Our lace-up suede derbys are a happy, comfortable medium.

Meet The Parents In This

Ahh, meeting the rents. It’s kind of a big deal. The parents of your significant other need to know that you’re right for their daughter, but they also need to know that you’re also a bit of a Rico Suave with great style.

While we can’t speak to whether or not you’re a  good fit for your significant other, we can tell you one thing: This guide of how  to dress when meeting the parents will help you achieve the latter. Here’s how to dress with a confident ease, featuring another awesome direct-to-consumer brand.


Slim Jeans in dark indigo raw denim., $65.
A good pair of fitting jeans is a closet must. Dark wash jeans are dressier than light wash so count on wearing these for many occasions to come. These happen to be from an awesome direct-to-consumer denim company, DSTLD.

zara blazer

Stretch two-tone jacket., $119.
Another item in line with wardrobe musts: a blazer you can wear with jeans. It’s not too crisp, it’s not too polished, yet it still elevates your button down and jeans to a better place.

uniqlo shirt

Premium linen long sleeve shirt., $34.90.
A linen shirt is relaxed, and balances out the casual classiness of the rest of your outfit. This shirt also works great underneath sweaters, come wintertime.


Brooklyn Boot Company “Outlaw” desert boot., $230.
Well, obviously. A burnt tan desert boot is a polished companion to dark wash jeans. The great thing about this boot is it’s got super transitional powers; it works just as well in the summer as it does in the winter.



The First Thing Women Notice About You

A human female spots you out in public and she notices one thing about you first. Is it your handsome face? Your shiny pearly whites? Your fresh new haircut?

AD Daybreak Lifestyle copy

We asked a group of girls at the office what they notice first about a guy. The overwhelming response? His shoes. Kind of surprising, so we had to investigate further. Did this mean a guy needs designer shoes to avoid being deemed as damaged goods? Not quite. Like a car’s condition, a guy’s shoes seem to be the clearest, quickest indication of whether or not a he has his life together. If he takes care of his shoes, he takes care of himself.

The “right pair of shoes” varies from guy to guy. To some guys, it means a beat up pair of Chuck Taylor’s. To other guys, the right pair of shoes is unique and available only to the sneaker heads in the know. To those guys we say: Do your thing. But to the guys who are all like “What is wrong with my shoes tho?”, we’ll tell you what you’re missing.

It’s worth investing in a pair of good looking, well-built shoes made right here in the U.S. of A. If you don’t know where to start, check out all of our shoes. Our goal is to create a collection that satisfies every guy’s wardrobe. We think we have that so far with our multi-faceted Rough Lands boots that come in four classic leathers ranging from black, to smokey grey, to everyday brown, and a classier roughed out leather.

But if boots are a little too worker-bee for you, we have classic Derby styles in suede leathers and a newly added Desert Boot for dressier occasions. A guy is bound to find one style in the collection that he can take out for a night and make a really good first impression.

There are, of course, a few sneakers on the no-fly list: Your Phat Farms from middle school, your New Balances from high school, and your beat up gym shoes that you used to traverse your college campus in.

Why do ladies judge men’s shoes so fiercely? We don’t really know. But it’s surely a wake-up call to the guy who thinks he can get away with beat up gym sneakers at the bar. If you don’t believe me, here’s what a guy has to say about the whole thing:

bison pull up product ad

4 Outfits To Impress Ladies In

The situation: You’re going out with your boys with the intention of impressing the ladies. However, you need some outfit inspiration. For that reason we put together four lady-approved looks that each carry a different kind of style with it.

AD Night Wolf Lifestyle copy

Here are four looks you might want to consider trying on.

You’re cool, you’re casual, and you want to appear as if you didn’t think too hard about looking good.

barking rough out outfit

BELT ‘Fenny” Leather Belt, $49.50 | SHIRT Slim Irish Linen Shirt in Dot, $79.50 | PANTS 1969 Slim Fit Jeans in washed khaki selvedge, $89.95 | BOOTS Brooklyn ‘Rough Lands’ Boots in Barking Rough Out, $225.

If you’re feeling a little black like your soul, pair our most badass boot with a chill, I’m not even trying girl, outfit.

night wolf outfit 2

SWEATSHIRT Full-Zip hoodie, $ 34.90 | T-SHIRT Fifth Sun Fluorescent MTV Tee, $12.90 | PANTS  Levi’s 513 Slim Fit, $49.99  | BOOTS Brooklyn “Rough Lands” boots in Night Wolf, $175.

You look fresh in a mock neck sweater and suede derby shoes. People are going to be asking you where you shop.

outfit threeSWEATER Marled Cotton Shawl Collar Cardigan, $118 | SHIRT  Denim Long Sleeve, $29.90 | PANTS Vintage Regular Fit Chino Flat Front Pants, $39.90 | SHOES Brooklyn Boot “Belmont” Derby, $155

Layers are key to making your look interesting. Might want to invest in some legit antiperspirant for this outfit.

outlaw in blackBLAZER Basic Blazer, $79.90 | SWEATER Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater, $89.90 | SHIRT Premium Linen Check Long Sleeve Shirt, $34.90 | JEANS Slim Jeans, $49.90 | SHOES Brooklyn Boot “Outlaw” desert boot in Night Wolf, $200.



What Your Pants Say About You

As most of you know, there’s a chino shade for every color of the rainbow, and then some. Deviating from the classic khaki and navy blue are unexpected pops of color, such as “salmon,” “coral,” and “turquoise.”

Image via

Image via

While we have love for all of the guys who can pull off more daring colors, truthfully, the color or style of one’s pants can often place them into a certain category at first glance. We asked some of our fashion-savvy female staffers to playfully define the man the wears each of the following styles. This is what they said (girls can be so cruel):

AD Night Wolf Lifestyle copy

The Salmon Pant

“Alternatively known as “Nantucket Red,” salmon chinos are a staple of every preppy man’s wardrobe. If you are wearing these, one might assume that you were raised in Fairfield County, CT, or a location that is equally waspy, and that you summer in Nantucket or the Hamptons. You also may refer to the Hamptons as “Out East” and likely own a boat. One might assume that you are very much glued to your roots and unwilling to adapt to a new environment if you are wearing these in an urban setting or outside of your natural habitat. Overall consensus: Salmon/Nantucket Red chinos are OKAY, if worn in the proper environment. However, we’ve noticed this hue often goes hand-in-hand with an ill fit for the wearer, so make sure they fit you well and excess fabric isn’t drowning you.” – Sarah

Emerson vintage straight chino - Nantucket red



“A khaki wearer is traditional, can sometimes be stylish but doesn’t necessarily follow trends. As khakis are universal, one defines themselves more with the cut and fit rather than the color here. If you’re wearing something that resembles flesh colored parachute pants, is ill fitting and bunches around the ankle, you are taking the path of least resistance – you’re going with the easiest basic and not taking the time to consider the fit. If you’re wearing a slim cut khaki pant that falls where it should, you are traditional and that’s just fine.” – Jess

Style tip: mix it up by trying khaki colored denim with a more contemporary look and flattering fit.

Screen shot 2014-12-23 at 2.48.26 PM

Image via


Classic Navy

“This person is classic and is going for a polished, put together look. We see this man usually gravitative towards half zips or cardigans with a tee-shirt underneath to pair with navy chinos. This gentleman is similar to the Khaki wearer, but a little more bro and a little less preppy. For footwear, they could be wearing leather dress boots or boat shoes, or even a pair of cool sneaks. The man wearing Navy Chinos is a bit of a wild card, because this one crosses over many types of styles/personalities.” – Jess

Screen shot 2014-12-23 at 2.31.16 PM

Image via



“This person is peacocking and has a “come see how good I look,” mentality. They often wear looks that are matchy-matchy – we get it, you put a lot of thought into selecting this outfit, but that doesn’t mean everyone needs to like it. The wearer also may have questioned pairing these with rainbow colored Sperrys. We ask that you don’t. Just don’t.” – Sarah

Turq shoe

Burgundy and Hunter Green 

“The man that opts for Burgundy or Hunter Green chinos is fashion forward and cares about what they’re wearing, but isn’t trying to be flashy. We can appreciate the subtle effort and understand that you’re in to fashion in a very healthy way and get what looks good on you. Men wearing these hues also typically know a thing or two about fit, and we don’t see much of the “unintentional bellbottom” or “saggy diaper” look happening here, so… A+.” – Sarah

Screen shot 2014-12-23 at 2.38.26 PM

Image via



Style tip: No matter what style or color you opt for, a classic lace-up Derby is a great match for chinos, slacks or even colored denim.

Shop our BELMONT derby here.