How to Wear: Grey Grizzly

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Day or night, whatever the occasion, Rough Lands in Grey Grizzly is a go-to boot. Its neutral, smokey grey leather is deep enough  to pass for a night-out boot but light enough for casual outfits.

Fun fact: The California grizzly, which we researched when coming up with leather ideas, is actually an extinct species.  This species is formally classified, by naturalist George Ord, as Ursus horribilis ord, which translates to “Ord’s horrbile bear.” The nickname came from Ord learning of Meriwether Lewis’ (of the famous exploring duo Lewis & Carol) terrifying encounter with a bear. So began the brute reputation this bear carried until its extinction.

We love the legacy this terrifying beast carries to this day, so we named a tough-looking leather after it.  But don’t be put-off by its toughness – easily brighten up an outfit with light-washed grey or white cotton tee shirt in the same way you would with our Night Wolf.

Here, we deviate from the basics and pair Grey Grizzly with cobalt blue chinos. The color twist sets our boots in the neutral zone of the outfit, balancing out the brights in an easy way. We suggest trying it out with an assortment of colorful chinos for maximum cool effect.

How to Wear: Night Wolf

Night Wolf Style Guide

In its dark color and smooth finish, the Rough Lands boot in the all-black Night Wolf is a boot suited specifically for nighttime wear.

A simple and lustrous leather boot like this blends in best with coated black jeans matched with a crisp tee on top. Straight, and to the point – these boots are strongest when worn with a look consisting of basics with a badass twist.

And though we’ve touted Night Wolf as the shoe suited specifically for evening events, we decided to summon up the brass to take them out during the daytime – and were met with surprisingly good results. These boots bring a toughened edge to whatever they’re worn with; in this case, we paired them with black denim jeans and a simple light grey sweater to take away from the potential intensity from an all-black look.

Night Wolf sharply compliments a palette of highly contrasting whites, blacks and greys. For the stylistically minimal guy, these boots are a solid option.

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How to Wear: Barking Rough Out

Barking Rough Out Style Guide

Our premier Rough Lands boot in Barking Rough Out is a special style made with unique leather sourced from England (what’s up brothers?). The gruff appearance of rough-out leather was carefully picked from renown tannery C.F. Stead & Co, so that we’d have just a slightly spiffier style compared to our other three colorways. Barking Rough Out also costs a wee bit more than the other colors, due to the rare nature of the leather.

For that reason, the best pairings for this boot are dressier choices: chinos instead of jeans, button-ups underneath sweaters instead of fail safe t-shirts. That’s not to say these aren’t supposed to be worn with jeans – they can really be worn with whatever your heart desires. We just happen to favor a more polished kind of look with these boots.

Rough-out leather places smooth side facing inward, exposing the rougher, full-grain side and boosting a shoe’s resistance to the elements. Because of it’s gruff appearance, this type of leather is often easily mistaken for suede.

Today, we’ve paired these fancier-pants boot with classic, everyday men’s chinos cuffed carefully at the bottom.  It works best for dressier daytime events that require a dress code just a step above the average jeans. Pair with a dark brown belt, and layer a collared button-up underneath a clean sweater.

This boot was featured on the feet of four members of The Huffington Post team. Each staff member styled the shoes a completely different way, showing just how versatile these babies are.  See it here.

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How To Wear: Bison Pull-Up

Bison Pull Up 2

When dressing for the occasional casual occasion, your best bet is to wear a pair of worn in boots that emanate an easy, laid-back vibe. This is exactly why we chose versatile brown leather and a classic cream outsole for our Bison Pull-Up boot. This color combination is an easy match for just about every wash of your favorite denim – from faded to dark.

With the every day grind fully in mind, we built this boot to be a no-brainer style.  And the only way to do them justice is to wear them with an equally laid-back, relaxed outfit. Today we’re blasting the spotlight onto a comfortable and easy everyday look of light wash denim jeans, a grey wool coat and our loosely-laced Bison Pull-Ups.

To further play up the boot’s casual-cool vibe, loosen the laces and tuck your jeans slightly behind an exposed tongue. Fashioned to be thrown on on the way out the door, here’s a boot that will allow you to master your everyday style.

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