What to Wear While Fruit Picking

Fall is a fabulous time of year, is it not? There are so many activities to do. And it just so happens that most of them seem to revolve around picking fruits.

Apple picking and pumpkin picking each require a certain kind of outfit that say “Hey, I’m outside, and I’m outdoorsy and I love doing outdoor activities.” Yes, that’s right. Even if you don’t agree, we all know you’re only going fruit picking because your girlfriend won’t leave you alone about it.

Anyways, here’s what to wear on your excursion so you can at least look the part as you tote away 50 lbs of apples, pumpkins, or whatever damn fruit you(r girlfriend) desire(s).


U vest

It doesn’t matter if you never wear it again. A vest makes or breaks your fruit picking outfit.
Ultra Light Down Vest, $59.90 uniqlo.com.

Flannel Button Down


Just like a vest, a flannel button down is a must. In it you’ll look like you know what you’re doing, even if you hate what you’re doing.
Woolrich Miners Wash Button-Down Shirt, $59 urbanoutfitters.com.



Forgo the jeans or nice chinos for a pair of rugged carpenter pants that look like they’ve already taken a beating you’re unfortunately about to put them through. Plus, Gap offers an array of pretty darn affordable trousers, so why not?
Carpenter slim, gap.com $59.95.

The Boots


The all-time classic Rough Lands boot would go great with your apple picking outfit. Don’t worry though, we won’t tell anyone your girlfriend controls you.
Rough Lands Boots, $150 brooklynboot.com.

Welcome the Chill: Fall Jacket Guide

Whoa. Wait — when did it get so cold out?

Nights of sleeping with the window wide open are slowly turning into nights of sleeping with the window kind of open, only to wake up in the middle of the night, freezing, to slam the window shut. It unfortunately seems that soon, no amount of snuggies will be enough to shield you from dipping nocturnal temperatures. This may mean it’s time to “embrace our winter/hibernation bodies,” OR search for an alternative option.

We’ll leave your bedtime attire up to you, but keeping you warm and stylish during the day is something we can help with. Check out our jacket guide below for a range of coats to keep you warm as the temperature starts to dip and the inclement weather rolls in.

The “Of Course It’ll Probably Rain and/or Snow Today” Coat

uniqlo parka

The weather forecast is sketchy, unlike your choice in jacket. This parka is water-repellent and durable, built to keep you dry and slightly warm for early fall or late winter days.

Mountain Parka, uniqlo.com $59.90.

The “My Mom Made Me Wear This Coat” Coat


It wasn’t that cold outside but your mom insisted you wear a jacket, so this is purely to please her and definitely not to keep you a little warm. This coat is waterproof and lightweight; perfect for year round wear. By the way, isn’t it like, time you’ve moved out?

The North Face Venture Jacket, jackthreads.com $99.

The “I’m Not Even Cold” Coat


Right, we get it. You don’t get cold. Ever. Even on days with subzero temps and snow on the ground. But because everyone else has a big puffy coat on you’d feel awkward if you didn’t. So here you go.

This coat falls on the sportier side of keeping warm. With top notch insulation and a water repellent finish, this has you covered on all fronts even from snowboarding to shoveling the driveway.

686 GLCR Avenue Down Jacket, zappos.com $200.

The “Look Good While Freezing Coat”

zara jacket

Even if it’s freezing and you’d rather sit by the fire with an Xbox controller in hand, you have to go out and party or else you’ll be made total fun of. We got you covered. Wear this amazing parka with  a cozy ass fur lining and you won’t for a moment long for your couch.

Parka, zara.com $189.

The “Only Boot You’ll Need” Boot


For all kinds of weather there are all kinds of coats. But for all kinds of weather there is only one kind of shoe you can depend on. Check out our gortex-lined waterproof Watermoc boot, available now for pre-order at BrooklynBoot.com.

AS SEEN IN: Esquire.com Features Brooklyn Boot

Check it out!

We spied our Outlaw boot right in the middle of Esquire.com’s roundup of Fall’s most versatile boots.


Among other top boot picks of the season sit our very own American-made desert boots of awesome homegrown value. To the guys who need a new shoe to replace their beat up summer boat shoes, think of the Outlaw as a dressier version of a high-top sneaker.


Outlaw barking


Wear it with jeans, chinos, khakis, or really anything. These boots are as versatile as it gets. The list doesn’t lie.

Shop the boot for $200 at brooklynboot.com.


Fall Style Inspiration: NYFW Outtakes

Fashion Week has come and gone, and the majority of you might not have noticed. This is totally normal, because unless you’re an avid-trend follower, it can easily pass you by.

We took the time to pick out three looks from two designers whose clothes you’ll no doubt run into at your go-to store/shopping site. These three outfits are perfect inspiration for those looking to take their fall fashion up a couple of notches.

Casual Guy

J Crew Cozy

This outfit is chill, cool, and cozy all at once. Damn. Wait, let’s take a moment to appreciate how cozy this outfit is. Guy’s got on a fur-lined jacket over a patterned sweater over a button down shirt. He is ready for holiday parties at the ski lodge. Are you?

We suggest wearing this look with an awesome warm wool coat from J. Crew’s selection at jcrew.com. This chilly weather look works best with our waterproof Watermoc boot coming soon.



Watermoc boot in Spiced Rum, $240.

Executive Guy

executive j crew

Here’s some style inspiration for the guy who has a wedding or a business meeting that he has to attend and look really good while attending,

Grey suits, especially of the wool variety, are a perfect winter wardrobe addition. Check out the JackThreads suit shop for some options.

For a shoe to go with grey OR navy suits (!!) try on our desert boot the Outlaw in barking rough out.



Outlaw boot in Barking Rough Out, $200.

Party Guy

Holiday parties, date night, or high school reunion (just kidding those are still kind of too soon and cheesy) will undoubtedly fill up your weekend schedule this fall/winter.

party guy

A cozy knit cardigan is the easiest accompaniment to a button down shirt. Wear it with dark wash or black jeans and a pair of our Rough Lands boots that go with just about everything in the casual realm.

grey grizzly boot care

Rough Lands in Grey Grizzly, $150.

All images via style.com.

The One Dress Shoe You Need for Fall

gentleman bourbon

Whether you’re a true gentleman or not, we’re certain you’ll be happy about the newest addition to the Brooklyn Boot Lineup.

Introducing the Gentleman, a classic dress shoe that’s soon to be your go-to for work and/or occasions that demand a more polished look. Beginning next week on September 30th, this lace-up style will be available in a timeless brown Bourbon leather.

Gentleman_Lifestyle (2)

Just one month later you’ll be able to shop the Gentleman in classic black (Asphalt) best suited for black-tie events. Stay tuned for news on that release.

In coming up with this shoe, we sought to create a style that every guy can have in his closet to use as a go-to. We went with two incredibly classic leathers – brown and black – to ensure that there would be a pair for every outfit or suit type.

The key to this style is the use of a tonal Vibram sole. We searched long and hard for a alternative option to leather that would be sleek enough for a dress style. This sole gives the illusion of a leather dress bottom, but will keep you comfortable, provide more traction and is much more durable than a leather sole.

The Gentleman is a solid investment for any guy who needs to step up his dress-shoe game with a pair that will go the distance.

Shop the Gentleman for $155 at brooklynboot.com.

Meet Your Newest Waterproof Boot

watermoc lifestyle

A little rain never hurt anyone — especially not anyone wearing our new all-weather, rain-ready boot.

Meet the Watermoc, our newest boot made with waterproof leather, a rugged Vibram lug sole for improved traction, and Gore-Tex lining to keep your completely foot dry. Gore-Tex fabric is breathable and waterproof; two qualities that are an absolute must for roughing it through inclement weather.


The Watermoc boasts a stylish round moc-toe construction. So not only is it a no-brainer for chilly rainy days, its also good-looking enough to wear every day.

Grab a pair for yourself for the waterproof functionality, and keep them for their good looks.  Available now for pre-order, in stock on October 20th.


Bags That Aren’t Man-Purses

If you’re a guy on-the-go, transporting things is no easy task. There is no doubt a fine line between “oh look, that’s just a guy with a bag to carry his stuff in, nothing remarkable to see there” and “Oh my, that is a cute little purse, where is it from?”

Maybe you’re a commuter who travels by foot, maybe you’re an avid hiker, maybe you’re being a super tourist on vacation, or maybe you have a baby to keep up after and would rather not do the one-shoulder diaper bag thing.  Either way, you’ll need a chill ass backpack to carry the items you hold dear.

Here are a few good options for ya:

Fjallraven Kanken Backpack


Just because we can’t pronounce it doesn’t mean it won’t hold your things properly. We especially dig the convertible straps on this bag, and the variety of neutral colors it comes in.
SHOP | JackThreads.com, $75.

Herschel Supply Co. Nelson Backpack


With such classic and functional designs, we couldn’t help but include Herschel Supply Co. on this list twice (see below). This backpack is solid for everyday packing and includes a fully padded iPad sleeve.
SHOP | zappos.com, $64.99.

Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quiz

pop quiz

This bag is super stylish in a subtle way. It looks awesome with daily denim, and any other casual outfit you throw on for day trip, beach trip, or any other kind of trip with your significant other.
SHOP | zappos.com, $69.99.

Harwick Backpack


We admit, this is a bit fancy for our tastes, but sometimes, you gotta get your class on even when you’re wearing a backpack. The Harwick Backpack from J.Crew is water-repellent, constructed with a padded body and multiple inner compartments making it a perfect option for the chic city commuter.
SHOP | JCrew.com, $98

Under Armour Hustle II Backpack

hustler II

For the sportier types who don’t really care how nice their leather bag is, as long as it transports their stuff from Point A to Point B. This bag has no leather. What it does have is a padded laptop sleeve, weatherproof fabric, and a high rating on DicksSportingGoods.com. We like it.
SHOP | DicksSportingGoods.com, $54.99.

Happy shopping, fellas!

How We Really Feel: Family Gatherings

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a graduation or a retirement, family gatherings are always a good time, right? The good food is endless, and the laughs are usually at your  dorky cousin’s expense. Everyone enjoys themselves. It’s great.

That is, until you involuntarily begin fielding questions from family members about your personal life. Is there any way to dodge them besides faking a stomach ache unfortunately right before dessert comes out? If you have your own hidden tactic, let us know.

Here are a few questions and scenarios best described through our favorite characters:

When you realize your chatty aunt is closing in on you:


I’m done for. Done for.

“What happened to that nice girl you were dating?”


Maybe let’s not do this right now.

“But she was such a sweetie!”

mscott not impressed

Must we do this right now?

“Oh man, I was really hoping for some babies to play with. Someone around here needs to start having kids!”


Not me, not today, Aunt Marge.

“Well I’m sorry to hear that. For your birthday, how about a gift card to that fun gym you used to go to?”


Did my pants really get that tight?

You begin looking for another sibling to pawn the questioning onto:


Damn, they’ve all fled the scene. It’s every man for themselves out here apparently.

Then, you notice your mom gave away all of the leftovers behind your back:


What the heck mom????

The look you give her expecting an apology:



Did Grandma really need all those mashed potatoes? Really? #stanleythemanly

What we wish we could say leading up to the inquisition:

go away please

Aren’t family gatherings so much fun?



Brooklyn Boot’s Last Supper


Folks, the time has finally come. Whether you’re ready or not, Judgement Day is upon us, and you must plan accordingly. Sort of. Okay… fine, not really.

We love sparking conversations here at Brooklyn Boot HQ revolving solely around food. Today’s topic? If the world was ending tomorrow, what would you spend your last day on earth eating?

It’s kind of a hard question to answer, because there’s so much good food out there, and as per this hypothetical scenario, just so little time to eat it all. But alas, the fellas reached some answers. Here’s what they had to say about their last meal (or day’s worth of meals, in Scott’s case).

SCOTT: For breakfast it would have to be the Cinnamon Swirl Brioche French Toast from iHop. For lunch I’ll take a rack of ribs St. Louis style with a side of cornbread and mashed potatoes. For dinner, a 32 oz Del Monico with lobster macaroni and cheese as a side. For dessert, New York Cheesecake with caramel sauce.

Last fast food spot?: Depends on the day. Sometimes Taco Bell, sometimes Chick-Fil-A. Taco Bell has the most options, where Chick-Fil-A only has the one thing.

NICK: Starting with cereal: I’d go for either Trix or Fruity Pebbles, as I’m currently digging both right now. And I like to let the cereal get soggy before digging in. As far as dessert goes, I’d have chocolate peanut butter ice cream. Turkey Hill makes a good one. The key is frozen peanut butter. The peanut butter can’t be in chunks. It has to be in swirls throughout the ice cream. That’s key.

Also, lobster mac & cheese. It’s cheesy, it’s lobstery, it’s macaroni-y. Boom. It’s the best.

Last fast food spot?: Chick-Fil-A – spicy chicken sandwich. If you live in the northeast like I do, and there isn’t a Chick-Fil-A nearby, then I’d go to Wendy’s and get a spicy chicken sandwich, with added pickles.

GINO: Steak dinner, no frills: medium rib-eye with mashed potatoes. OR, juicy burger with fries. OR, chicken and waffles. Screw it, all of the above.

Last  fast food spot?: Two servings of Chipotle. Shake Shack and In-N-Out burger tied in second place.

What do you think? What would be the last meal you eat, if the world ended tomorrow?

EDITOR’S NOTE: With man-kini season coming to a tail end, you can stop thinking about this hypothetically and indulge in some of your fantasy meals for real.

Image via iHop.com.

Summer Sippin’: Beer Guide

Whether you’re tailgating before a game, heading to the beach, the lake or the pool – ’tis the season for packing the cooler with quality beer.

Right now, craft beer is having its mega moment. Get your feet wet by heading down to a local brewery and looking into taking a taste-test tour. Chat it up with the employees to see what they’re currently brewing and what they recommend. With the sheer multitude of craft beer brands popping up, you’re bound to find something you enjoy sipping on.

Outside of that realm, however, will always be these summer favorites picked by the Brooklyn Boot team. Here is our top five list of quality beer you can get just about anywhere:

Sam Adams Summer Ale
sammy a

Brewed right here in the good ol U.S. of A, Sam Adams Summer Ale is hands down the perfect beer for an afternoon pool hangout. This stuff is light, and brewed with citrus flavors that have now made this beer synonymous with summer.


pinterest corona*

Corona is great if you’re looking for something a little lighter. And with a solid price, it’s easy to see why this beer is a first choice when anyone is looking to pack a cooler to bring to the beach or to enjoy after a slow pitch softball game. For an extra dose of flavor, serve with a slice of lime. Dom Toretto approves.

*Beach not included.

Red Stripe

hooray ber

This is a great beer if you feel like changing up your usual drink routine. Also, it can help you feel like you’re chillin’ on an island, even though you’re not. Or maybe you are. In any case – Hooray Beer!

Blue Moon

blue moons

The boys at Brooklyn Boot HQ voted Blue Moon the best beer for a BBQ. Serve it up with an orange slice, and enjoy while hanging out in your friend’s backyard on a hot summer day. Thanks to the orange peel, you’ll look like the fanciest guy.

Not Your Father’s Root Beer

not yo fathers

Okay, so, we might be cheating a bit here, as this stuff isn’t exactly “beer.” But hear me out: nothing screams summer fun like a root beer float, if that root beer float happens to have 6% ABV then, well, even better.

For anyone interested in finding a brewery nearby, check out this search engine that will locate one nearest you!