‘Tis the Season: Your Wedding Playbook

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‘Tis the season to get married in the sunny setting of summer.

Summer weddings are awesome as long as it’s open bar, has good food,  on a day of good weather and not on the beach so you won’t have to worry about getting sand in your shoes.

We love summer weddings especially when we’re not the ones getting married. All you have to do is put your party pants on and show up. Here are some of our  tips to consider before you go.

What to Wear

threads elab

Image via JackThreads.com

In the summertime, linen suits are totally the way to go. Linen is an incredibly breathable fabric and looks the coolest when done in lighter shades of grey, blue and other soft neutrals.

Be the breeze in one of these awesome suits from the JackThreads Suit Shop.

If this is an outdoor wedding, invest in some Jesus sandals. If this is an indoor wedding, invest in a pair of Brooklyn Boot derby shoes.


What To Bring

If you’re old school or have a big Italian family, then you’ve been to weddings where the bride and groom pass around a huge envelope for cash. It’s been a long tradition for guests to simply bring money as a gift, allowing the bride and groom to spend it as they see fit.

Nowadays it’s a little more complicated than that; people set up registries, and depending on how close you are with the person you are expected to pick something off of it and buy it. If this is the case, check out the registry as soon as possible – you don’t want to get stuck with having the option of buying the newlyweds a $500 blender or a $1,000 massage chair.

If you’re willing to pass on the registry, give cash. If you don’t know how much to bring then follow this rule of thumb: Cover the estimated cost of the plate, and then some! (The “some” here depends on how much you love the bride or groom.)


There are a few simple things to keep in mind when you attend a wedding. Don’t drink too much, eat all of the food during cocktail hour because it’s probably delicious, and dance it all off on the dance floor.

If you had four drinks during cocktail hour, cut it back a bit. Don’t be that guy who gets drunk enough to try and pull a move on the bride. You don’t want your antics to be one of the only thing people remember about the wedding. And people don’t forget.

Be polite. Tip the bartender.

This is an absolute must: Don’t be afraid to get your boogie on. You’re not too cool for the dance floor. Grab an unsuspecting victim (maybe your date if she’s behaving herself) and get out on the floor and bust a move. Seriously, it will encourage others to join you, and you’ll get a reputation for being the life of the party. You get a plus for incorporating corny dance moves like these.


Image via facebook.com/weddingringer

Meet Walk-Over Shoes: The Original American-Made


Guys, we’re ready to hit you with the awesome opportunity to shop a fellow USA-made brand that we fell in love with back when Brooklyn Boot started. We know you are going to love this brand just as much as Gino did when he first took a factory tour of Brooklyn Industrial Park in 2014.

As Gino walked the bustling factory floor and saw our skilled craftsman at work, he came across a shoe brand that struck him as impeccably timeless. The brand in question was Walk-Over, the oldest shoe company in the United States. Walk-Over offers an immaculately polished selection of men’s shoes and is known for creating the original red brick sole derby that we all know and love today.

Walk-Over started out as a small family company in Massachusetts back in 1758. Decades later, the company was branded with the name “Walk Over” to reflect its growing prominence as an American standard for refined men’s footwear. Its tailored designs catered to gentlemen and businessmen alike years ago – and today, the brand still follows that same tradition with the motto “Made to a Standard, Not a Price.”

How lucky are we that this historic brand is manufactured right alongside Brooklyn Boot Company? Walk-Over’s derby shoes, polished brogues and impeccably tailored bucks provide an awesome contrast to the rugged boots we built Brooklyn Boot around. It wasn’t until now when we realized that we have a great opportunity to expose our customers to this great USA-made brand.

It’s an honor to share the same factory with such a powerful, classic brand that’s been around since 1758 – and we are looking to take advantage of this brotherhood by offering you some Walk-Over styles at our direct-to-consumer price point. We are going to start off with a style of theirs that is summer-ready and also fits in perfectly with our collection.

Check out the PARKS HERE and to receive direct-to-consumer pricing on this style, check your email for a note from us. Not a member of the BrooklynBoot.com email list? Sign up HERE now to shop this style at our DTC price (you’ll receive the details in your inbox).

These hand sewn, made in the USA beef roll penny loafers would typically retail for $295, and we are offering them exclusively to Brooklyn Boot customers for $150. Don’t miss your chance to own a pair of time-honored, hand sewn loafers from the original American footwear brand!

Gone Swimmin: Pool Accessories

It’s time to boost your pool cred. That’s right, pool cred. Don’t be that guy throwing a pool party without some seriously impressive activities.  You want to be that guy chilling with friends atop floating pizza slices, talking about how great life is.

pizza float
Pizza Slice Pool Float
; urbanoutfitters.com, $35.
The hilariously pointless award goes to this pool float for being built to latch up to other pizza slices in order to create a full pie. So the real debate here is do you want to go swimming, or do you want to float on top of a pizza with a lake or pool somewhere underneath you?

Divoom Voombox Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker;
amazon.com, $89.95.
This rugged speaker is awesome for taking on trips to the beach, lake, or poolside. It’s sturdy, water resistant, and lasts up to 12 hours with a solid charge.

Chocolate Donut Pool Float
; urbanoutfitters.com, $29
Warning: Owning this float might make you want to buy a box of donuts. We see no problems with this. Side note: Do not lick the float and put it back in the pool while exclaiming “I hate America,” despite the fact that you are an American citizen.

Floating Golf Game; brookstone.com
, $49.99
This floating golf game is ideal for when you feel like practicing your chip but also want to get your swim on, because you know, the mood to combine those two things strikes more often than one would think.

big bobber
Big Bobber Floating Cooler; brookstone.com
, $39.99
Be the coolest dude at your next pool party. This also gives you a pass on buying the beers for everyone. You’re bringing the cool floating cooler, what more can they want?

Inflatable Penguin Beach Balls;
amazon.com, $15.15
We know what you might be thinking; penguin beach balls? Just hear us out for a second. Please. Okay. Ready?

Why wouldn’t you want these things!? Look at them. They’re so damn cute. No one will be mad that you have floating cute little penguins adorning your pool. And if you find someone who does have a problem with it, they should probably be swiftly uninvited from your party.

Brooklyn Boot on MensJournal.com


Men’s Journal online featured Brooklyn Boot Company in their sweet roundup, highlighting the best warm-weather friendly boots for Summer and how to style them with the rest of your lightweight wardrobe.

Our OUTLAW in Barking Rough-Out made the cut and is called out for being a great option because the style is “not quite a boot and not quite a shoe.”

Read the full article HERE.


Baby, You’re a Firework: 4th of July Style


Fourth of July weekend is upon us. If you’re lucky enough, this means you’re in store for a 3-day, 4-day, or even 5-day weekend. How do you prepare for such an extended time for shenanigans, you ask? By dressing right, for starters.

Whether you’re preparing to turn up for an afternoon BBQ or just delight in some nighttime fireworks, here is our 4th of July style guide!

Afternoon BBQ

This is one of those gatherings where you arrive at 2:00PM, but stick around long enough and you’re in for some late night snacking while things start to get weird. Day parties tend to be more lax than the ones that start after dinner, so your outfit should have a chill, I didn’t mean to look this good it just happened, vibe.

For this affair, we picked out an easy tee, swim shorts for when you’re ready to take your party into the pool, and classy shoes (that we strongly recommend you remove before you submerge.) Lightweight swim trunks and a breezy white tee are all you need to complete your daytime look.

belmont tan
Brooklyn Boot Belmont in Daybreak, brooklynboot.com $155.

white henley
THE SHIRT Feathers Linen Henley, urbanoutfitters.com, $30.

men swim active shorts
THE SHORTS Men Swim Active Shorts, uniqlo.com $19.90.

Town or VIP Fireworks Gathering

The sun has finally set – which means your town or city just may get it together in time to launch this year’s fireworks. Or maybe you are well-to-do and you’re invited to a gathering that boasts a private firework presentation. Regardless, this is when the party really begins. It is the one act that sets the celebratory tone of the day and reminds us what Independence day is all about.

Dress in a way that says you properly respect the magic of fireworks, but allows you to be comfortable enough to sit Indian style on the grass as you gaze up in awe. We picked a long sleeve button down shirt in hopes that it would keep pesky mosquitoes away, and a pair of dress-casual khaki shorts that are perfect for all occasions.

Brooklyn Boot Company Belmont in Midnight, brooklynboot.com $155.

woolf lefferts
Woolf Lefferts Shirt, jackthreads.com $45.50.

dry shorts
THE SHORTS Men’s Dry Stretch Shorts, uniqlo.com $19.90.

Other Activities

Random get-togethers will surely creep up this weekend. The best way to prepare? Have a killer playlist handy, stock your cooler with some fan faves, and check out our Grill Guide if for some unfortunate reason the party hosting responsibility falls on you.

For some Fourth of July listening, please click here.

Happy Independence Day to all!

Summer Grilling Guide

Guys, it’s finally your time to shine. This season shouldn’t be called summer, it should be called The Season Of The Grill.

That’s right. The grill is your happy place; where you get all in the zone zen and cook up your favorite summer treats. Start here with some grilling tips, and awesome recipes that will convince your friends you’re the a top chef.


1. Full tank + clean grill = good times.
It’s important to check on these things BEFORE you’re seconds away from firing up the grill.  Nothing worse than running out of propane only to be left with half cooked chicken and a side of sadness at what could have been. Also make sure the drip trays are clean from any left over fat drippings from previous grill sessions as they can cause flare ups which will burn your delicious protein to a crisp.

2. When in doubt, marinade over night.
Cookouts aren’t usually a spur of the moment thing as they require the right foods, the right weather, and a solid list of attendees. The best way to ensure the meats (and veggies) are properly tasty is marinading them over night. Before you go to bed, prepare the marinade and meat in a ziploc bag and toss it in the fridge.

Check out the McCormick seasoning/spice mix at the grocery store for an extra bit of pizzazz.

3. How to Stuff a Burger
Whether it’s cheddar and bacon, pepper jack and jalapeno, or whatever the heck else your little heart feels like using – stuffed burgers are always an instant crowd pleaser.

Make two small patties and put your stuffing on top of one of them. Then, put the other patty on top and meld the two together. Before flipping your burger, give it a quarter turn so that the grate marks intersect. This move locks in the juices.

If you need a little help with proper stuffing techniques, check out this burger stuffer from Cuisinart.

burger stufferj

3-in-1 Stuffed Burger Press, amazon.com $9.02.

4. Crowd Pleasing Mexican Grilled Corn (serves  8)
This is seriously a must.  You may not be into corn on the cob, but you’ll definitely be into Mexican Grilled Corn. Easy to do, and you can eye ball the amounts of the ingredients. Here’s our favorite recipe:


Photo via Damn Delicious.

-1 Lime
-1/2 cup mayonnaise
-1/4 cup butter
-1/2 cup grated Cotija cheese
-Fresh cilantro (unless it tastes like handsoap, stinkbugs and/or grass to you, in which case, disregard)
-1 tablespoon ground ancho chili pepper (for mild spice – if you prefer spicy, use chipotle or cayenne pepper)

1. Grill corn (still in husk) for 15-20 minutes.
2. Mix up ingredients in a bowl, minus the lime and cilantro. That will get added to finished product.
3. Remove husk (when cool) and apply the mixture of pepper, cheese, mayo and butter with a brush.
4. Squeeze over fresh lime juice, and garnish with cilantro.

5. Clean It Up
When you’re done grilling for the day, clean those grates.  A clean grill lasts longer and makes better tasting food. Clean the grill with a good brush while it’s still hot. This way you won’t have to worry about pesky build up.

This brush pushes out steam to aid in the cleaning process:


Grill Daddy Pro Grill Cleaning Brush, amazon.com $24.32.

The Rough Lands Boot Is Now $150!

The Rough Lands Series copy

This is one of the most exciting things we’ve been able to share with you since our launch on Kickstarter.

For almost a full year we’ve observed the shoe making process, from creating the first sample of a shoe, to watching thousands of them go into the production line. And over the course of that year we’ve constantly looked for ways to improve our process that will ultimately save ourselves and you money.

We found ways to cut down on leather loss. We work daily to minimize the amount of defective pairs that come as par for the course in any manufacturing process. Ultimately, this cuts down our costs and allows us to up the ante of savings for to you, our customer.

Today we are a brand that is much more efficient, thanks to all we have learned and the steady volume our business is now bringing in. And today we are ready to reestablish the price of our Rough Lands series boot, bringing it down to $150.

For us, this is just another step in the direction to make American-made boots more affordable.

Get your pair of Rough Lands boots here

Q&A With our Belts Guy: Louis Vasquez


We recently added a black and brown belt made to match our Night Wolf and Bison Pull-Up boots, respectively to our line-up. If you went as far as to purchase a belt, then you’re not just helping us out, you’re giving props to Louis Vasquez, our belt guy.

For us, working with Louis has been an awesome experience. He’s just a cool guy, living in New York, making belts and other small leather goods through his business, Qlassic Accessories. When we do business with him we know that we’re getting a quality product from someone we know is dedicated to their craft.

Here’s what the man himself has to say about his belts, his job, and his sick dance moves.

Tell us about yourself.
My name is Louis Vasquez and I manufacture accessories such as trimmings, belts, and buttons among other products. I was born in Humacao, Puerto Rico and have lived in New York for over 60 years. In my spare time, I enjoy spending quality time with my family, particularly with my 2 year old grandson, James. In addition, I enjoy reading and keeping up with politics. My favorite sports are boxing, baseball, and basketball. I am both a Mets and Brooklyn Nets fan. I consider my taste in music to be very eclectic as I listen and dance to practically anything.

What initially attracted you to a partnership with Brooklyn Boot Company?
As a manufacturer in New York, I believe that all products should be made domestically. It’s something that I strongly believe in and so when I saw that your company produces goods within the U.S. I instantly became interested. I am in the process of purchasing a pair of boots from your company and look forward to both trying them out and providing feedback.

How do you define your personal style?
I would describe my style as business casual. I pride myself in looking professional but comfort is an important factor as well.

How did you get involved with manufacturing leather goods?

I began manufacturing leather goods over 30 years ago when I realized that I had both a passion and an eye for quality products.  I began visiting local factories and studying styles and techniques to create my own brand.  Over the course of decades I have an understanding for how to create high quality leather goods.

Besides belts, what other leather goods do you make?

Aside from belts, I also make leather handbags, dog leashes, and wallets.

Do you have a favorite type of leather to work with?

Cow hides are my favorite type of leather to work with because of it’s durability, flexibility, and sturdiness.

What kind of music do you listen to while you work?

I literally listen to everything.  I think this makes me a pretty cool 74 year old.  I can get down to Jay-Z, two-step to Salsa, and sing along to Taylor Swift.  I’m living proof that age is nothing but a number because I feel and operate like I’m 30 years old.

What does a normal workday generally consist of?

From 9:00-4:00, I travel to Manhattan, have a cup of coffee, and make sure I make an agenda for the day to visit all of my customers, finish production, make sure shipment is taken care of, and then return home to my family.

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is in a mere two weeks., and if your dad is like most dads, then he’s probably hard to shop for.

Here’s a quick guide we hope at the very least sparks some Dad’s Day gift ideas. You don’t have to be the best kid, you just have to give the best gift out of all of your siblings.

For The Sportsman


You can’t go wrong with a pack of top of the line golf balls that have a nearly flawless rating at Dick’s Sporting Goods. If you don’t trust me, a non-golf player, trust the review that starts with “These Balls are the TRUTH!” and ask yourself, do you really want to deny your old man of the truth?

Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls – Prior Generation | www.dickssportinggods.com.

For The Craftsman

home depot  gift card

This is a total no-brainer. Every dad would LOVE a gift card to The Home Depot.  Present it to him, send him on his way, and watch him roam like a little kid in a candy store. Some people have a hard time giving “just” a gift card, but this is really for the best.

The Home Depot Gift Card | www.homedepot.com.

For The Caffeine Fiend

etsy custom mugs

If he can’t leave the house without a cup of Joe, he should at least leave the house knowing who is favorite child is. (That’s you.)

Best Dad in the Galaxy custom mug | www.etsy.com.

For the Tech Savvy Dad

hershel ipad air case

Does your dad spend his nights feet up on the sofa, glasses halfway down his nose, iPad in hand? Get him a classic carrying case from Herschel, known for their classic designs and undeniable functionality.

Herschel Supply Co. iPad case | www.zappos.com.

For The Couch Potato

men's mocassion mens moc

It’s summer time, but who doesn’t love a good pair of cozy slippers? Men’s Wicked Good Moccasins from L.L. Bean are a comfy classic, and if your dad doesn’t have a pair yet, you’re pretty much the worst kid in the universe. After he opens them up, you can then engage in a discussion about how you feel about the word “wicked.”

L.L. Bean Wicked Good Moccasins | www.llbean.com.

For The Brooklyn Boot Dad



Come on, what guy doesn’t want a flask from their favorite boot company? Sorry to do this to you, but the whiskey is not included….

Brooklyn Boot Company Flask | www.brooklynboot.com.

The Grill Master

personalized cutting board

Etsy offers a ton of awesome, custom carving boards and this is just one example of the styles you can use. This particular shop personalizes each cutting board with a custom engraving. Request a custom order and have it made for your pops.

Personalized Wood Cutting Board | www.etsy.com.

For The Gentleman

cigar club

A three-month membership to Thompson Cigar’s Cigar of the Month Club is an awesome way to ensure your dad is the freshest dude at the party. A free cigar cutter comes with an order, and each month he’ll get five cigars.

Cigar Tour Three-Month Sampler | www.thomsponcigars.com.


What Girls Say About Your Outfit

Cannes Film Festival 2006 Borat The Movie Photocall

What men find comfortable and easy-to-wear usually doesn’t match up with what is appealing to women.  We’ve polled the ladies in our office and had them weigh in on some of the items we gravitate towards and their thoughts weren’t always in our favor.

Our favorite broken in jeans: In general, females are not pleased when they are light in wash and have an accidental flare or pooling situation at the feet. Leave your bells at home.



Graphic Tees: They’re totally fine, as long as they don’t say delicate phrases like “Parties With Sluts” or “Swag To Live” or “Tanning Is Life And I Also Get My Eyebrows Done On Occasion Please Let Me Keep My Man Card.” A no-no: shirts with visible pit stains.

Our Go-To Dress Shoe: Do they look like something my dad would wear, or something I’d see at the bingo hall? If so, get something nicer. Unless you have a really well-dressed dad.

Tevas: These are only acceptable if you’re traveling to a Caribbean island with the rest of your dorky family, and if you have a nice manicure, a.k.a., not toe nails that you could climb trees with.

Jerseys: These are perfectly cool in a sports bar on game night. After all, who is more team spirited than you? These are cool when you’re with your boys and you’re hanging out on a chill night with some beers, some pizzas, and some video games. After all, who is more chill than you? These are perfect for game days when you’re at the stadium and you ran out of face paint. After all, who is more enthusiastic than you? These are under no circumstances cool on a date.

Chained Wallets: Ok, Guy Fieri. Do you also still shop at Hot Topic?

Jorts: If it’s the Fourth of July and you’re going to a mullet-themed cookout, yes, definitely wear Jorts, an American flag bandanna, and learn the lyrics to “Bawitdaba.”

Borat’s Lime Green Onesie: We’ll let it slide.

Featured image credit: INFGoff.com  Ref: kguk-01.