Trends We Want No Part of in 2015

conan in meggings

We’re guilty of feeling nostalgic from time to time. It’s easy to reminisce about embarrassing AIM screenames while watching Kenan and Kel reruns on Nick at Nite, with plans to hook up with ol’ Nintendo 64 to reassert dominance as Princess Peach in Mario Kart 64. 

The 90’s, 00’s and more recent years have left us with some golden memories, some of which we can still cling to today. And some of which, fashion-wise, we’d like to leave far behind (frosted tips and JNCO jeans). In the spirit of the new year, we polled some Brooklyn Boot staff to see what fashions they hope go away in 2015 once and for all.

Super Skinny Pants
Super skinny jeans that sit at mid-butt and do nothing to flatter a guy whatsoever. They’ve evolved into “meggings,” (another thing we’d be fine never hearing again) and we actually think Conan doesn’t look too bad in them. So unless your name is Conan O’Brien, stick to well-fitting pants.

Gym Shoes At The Bar
This will not be mistaken with totally fly sneakers that are generally reserved for streetwear or working out in style worn to the bar. No, this is referring to your beat up Aesics or New Balance sneakers that have no place in any kind of social setting.

Some exceptions being that we know some guys like to go straight to the bar after a game of pick-up basketball. Which is fine and all. But if from the ankles down you look like you should be on a hike, then maybe it’s time to take one.

Might we, ahem, suggest a pair of these?

UGG Boots
Girls will always love these things. However, it’s something guys won’t understand unless they’re willing to swallow their pride and try on a pair of Men’s Uggs. They’re comfortable, and they’re easy to throw on, so what’s the beef, fellas?

UGGs take away from the originality of an outfit because just about every female owns a pair. A shoe kind of loses its magic when everyone on campus wears it every single day. So how to remedy this while still being in the comfort of the brand? Take a look at these.

Boyfriend Jeans
Another thing guys just don’t seem to get are boyfriend jeans. According to a few guys in the office here, they’re just not flattering. To directly quote an anonymous fellow employee, “If I wanted my girlfriend to look like a boy…I don’t know how to finish this thought.”


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