How to Wear: Grey Grizzly

grey how to wear 1

Day or night, whatever the occasion, Rough Lands in Grey Grizzly is a go-to boot. Its neutral, smokey grey leather is deep enough  to pass for a night-out boot but light enough for casual outfits.

Fun fact: The California grizzly, which we researched when coming up with leather ideas, is actually an extinct species.  This species is formally classified, by naturalist George Ord, as Ursus horribilis ord, which translates to “Ord’s horrbile bear.” The nickname came from Ord learning of Meriwether Lewis’ (of the famous exploring duo Lewis & Carol) terrifying encounter with a bear. So began the brute reputation this bear carried until its extinction.

We love the legacy this terrifying beast carries to this day, so we named a tough-looking leather after it.  But don’t be put-off by its toughness – easily brighten up an outfit with light-washed grey or white cotton tee shirt in the same way you would with our Night Wolf.

Here, we deviate from the basics and pair Grey Grizzly with cobalt blue chinos. The color twist sets our boots in the neutral zone of the outfit, balancing out the brights in an easy way. We suggest trying it out with an assortment of colorful chinos for maximum cool effect.