A Lacing Guide

Shoe lacing is an art. We learned this first hand after watching our factory employees lace up a pair of boots in a few seconds flat. It was awesome.

For those looking to get creative with lacing styles, this is an awesome time to utilize both colors of shoelaces we sent with our boots. For a refresher: Night Wolf came with black and red laces; Barking Rough Out came with hunter green and brown laces; Bison Pull-Up came with navy blue and brown laces; Grey Grizzly came with white and grey laces.

Pick your lace, pick your style, and get started with our lacing guide below:

Criss Cross
Criss Cross Still

The obvious, all-time classic. We rolled up the bottom of our jeans so you can clearly see the lacing, but you don’t have to wear your pants this way. Folding them over the boots looks just as good.

How To: It’s pretty simple: just cross one lace over the other, all the way up the boot. Try to keep one side always on top of the other (i.e right over left or left over right) to give it a clean look. Just remember what your mom taught you in second grade. If you can’t recall, check out this video:

Bar Lace
bar lacing
This might be the easiest, most unique way to lace your boots. This style also works well on dress shoes (shout out to the Belmont).

How To: (Warning: this method only works when you have an even number of eyelet pairs) Take one end of the lace and bring it all the way to the last eyelet and pull it through.  Then take the other lace and cross it horizontally from one side to the other. Next, pull it through the eyelet above and cross over the other direction. Do this all the way up the boot until you reach the top. Pro tip: keep them from twisting so that it lays flat across the tongue for a sharper look.

Bow Tie

Boe Tie Still
You’re just so fancy aren’t you? This is kind of like regular lacing, in that the laces crisscross over the tongue – only an eyelet is skipped after each crossover.

How To:
Start out by pulling both laces through the second eyelet from underneath. Then cross one side over the other and push them through the third eyelet. Next pull them through the next eyelet and cross them over again as you did before. Do this all the way up the boot.