Are You Cuffed? Ways to Style Your Jeans

You’ve got your jeans, you’ve got your boots, but do you have your style?

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We put together a guide to direct you to dress simply in a way that isn’t sloppy (unless that’s the look you’re  going for). When it comes to jeans and boots there’s a ton of ways to cuff, fold, tuck and simply wear. Some guys get fancy. Some guys don’t care. We like to offer a few suggestions for both of those guys, and the in-betweens.

Featured boot: The Rough Lands in Bison Pull-Up
The Casual Front Tuck: Where just the front part of your jeans hides behind the tongue on your boots. Take a cue from our shoot with The Huffington Post, where  one of their stylish editors, Brennan Williams, loosely laced his boots and tucked the front of his jeans behind a relaxed tongue.


The It’s Date Night So Let’s Put In Some Effort: A neatly folded, slim cuff looks best with a crisp blazer over a clean button down. That’s right. Let’s try to at least look like you thought about your outfit before leaving the house. Start by creating a tight fold – you shouldn’t have to cuff more than twice for this look.


The Casual Friday Look: Reserved for every single day for any casual occasion, this is the easiest to pull off – simply because you don’t have to do anything. Make sure to wear jeans that aren’t too long. If they are, a quick visit to your local tailor or cleaners for a one or two inch hem will fix the problem – or, try testing out a belt clasped tightly, which will work to lift your jeans slightly.


The “Hey Everyone, Come And See How Good I Look”: Tuck your jeans completely in to your boots for an edgy look. This allows you to show off your boots, because you know everyone wants to see them.