What Your Pants Say About You

As most of you know, there’s a chino shade for every color of the rainbow, and then some. Deviating from the classic khaki and navy blue are unexpected pops of color, such as “salmon,” “coral,” and “turquoise.”

Image via fashioninmotion.wordpress.com

Image via fashioninmotion.wordpress.com

While we have love for all of the guys who can pull off more daring colors, truthfully, the color or style of one’s pants can often place them into a certain category at first glance. We asked some of our fashion-savvy female staffers to playfully define the man the wears each of the following styles. This is what they said (girls can be so cruel):

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The Salmon Pant

“Alternatively known as “Nantucket Red,” salmon chinos are a staple of every preppy man’s wardrobe. If you are wearing these, one might assume that you were raised in Fairfield County, CT, or a location that is equally waspy, and that you summer in Nantucket or the Hamptons. You also may refer to the Hamptons as “Out East” and likely own a boat. One might assume that you are very much glued to your roots and unwilling to adapt to a new environment if you are wearing these in an urban setting or outside of your natural habitat. Overall consensus: Salmon/Nantucket Red chinos are OKAY, if worn in the proper environment. However, we’ve noticed this hue often goes hand-in-hand with an ill fit for the wearer, so make sure they fit you well and excess fabric isn’t drowning you.” – Sarah

Emerson vintage straight chino - Nantucket red



“A khaki wearer is traditional, can sometimes be stylish but doesn’t necessarily follow trends. As khakis are universal, one defines themselves more with the cut and fit rather than the color here. If you’re wearing something that resembles flesh colored parachute pants, is ill fitting and bunches around the ankle, you are taking the path of least resistance – you’re going with the easiest basic and not taking the time to consider the fit. If you’re wearing a slim cut khaki pant that falls where it should, you are traditional and that’s just fine.” – Jess

Style tip: mix it up by trying khaki colored denim with a more contemporary look and flattering fit.

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Image via outfittrends.com


Classic Navy

“This person is classic and is going for a polished, put together look. We see this man usually gravitative towards half zips or cardigans with a tee-shirt underneath to pair with navy chinos. This gentleman is similar to the Khaki wearer, but a little more bro and a little less preppy. For footwear, they could be wearing leather dress boots or boat shoes, or even a pair of cool sneaks. The man wearing Navy Chinos is a bit of a wild card, because this one crosses over many types of styles/personalities.” – Jess

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Image via looktastic.com



“This person is peacocking and has a “come see how good I look,” mentality. They often wear looks that are matchy-matchy – we get it, you put a lot of thought into selecting this outfit, but that doesn’t mean everyone needs to like it. The wearer also may have questioned pairing these with rainbow colored Sperrys. We ask that you don’t. Just don’t.” – Sarah

Turq shoe

Burgundy and Hunter Green 

“The man that opts for Burgundy or Hunter Green chinos is fashion forward and cares about what they’re wearing, but isn’t trying to be flashy. We can appreciate the subtle effort and understand that you’re in to fashion in a very healthy way and get what looks good on you. Men wearing these hues also typically know a thing or two about fit, and we don’t see much of the “unintentional bellbottom” or “saggy diaper” look happening here, so… A+.” – Sarah

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Image via looktastic.com



Style tip: No matter what style or color you opt for, a classic lace-up Derby is a great match for chinos, slacks or even colored denim.

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