How to Wear: Night Wolf

Night Wolf Style Guide

In its dark color and smooth finish, the Rough Lands boot in the all-black Night Wolf is a boot suited specifically for nighttime wear.

A simple and lustrous leather boot like this blends in best with coated black jeans matched with a crisp tee on top. Straight, and to the point – these boots are strongest when worn with a look consisting of basics with a badass twist.

And though we’ve touted Night Wolf as the shoe suited specifically for evening events, we decided to summon up the brass to take them out during the daytime – and were met with surprisingly good results. These boots bring a toughened edge to whatever they’re worn with; in this case, we paired them with black denim jeans and a simple light grey sweater to take away from the potential intensity from an all-black look.

Night Wolf sharply compliments a palette of highly contrasting whites, blacks and greys. For the stylistically minimal guy, these boots are a solid option.

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